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Jobs After Retirement: Explore These 6 Fascinating Options

Sixty and Me - 6 Fascinating Work Opportunities for Women Over 60
Margaret Manning

Change is the only constant in our lives. Fortunately, in most situations, as one door closes, another one opens. This is also very true of our careers, which change many times throughout our workings lives. By the time we reach our sixties, we have a pretty good grasp of who we are, what’s important to us, and what brings us joy. Equipped with that knowledge, choosing a second career should be pretty straight forward. We’ve come up with a few suggestions for interesting jobs after retirement. See what you think, and share an idea of your own in the comments section at the end of this article. If you’re looking for interesting jobs after 60, here are a few places to start:

Become an Educator and Shape the Next Generation

Teaching is an ideal option for the woman who has come to the end of her career and is ready to give back through higher education. If you can afford to volunteer, you could become an OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes) instructor. They are retired professors and experts who volunteer to teach adults over 50 in more than 120 colleges and universities across the US. You can look for similar volunteer opportunities in your local area or stretch yourself and teach overseas.

Share Your Wisdom as a Career Coach

Are you the go-to person in the workplace, the person everyone seeks out for advice? Becoming a career coach is a rewarding choice for women over 60 who’ve already had long and varied careers. It can also be a very lucrative choice, not to mention enabling you to be your own boss. As a career coach, every day brings new challenges, and you have the opportunity to develop important partnerships, build meaningful relationships, and shape lifelong friendships. Becoming a life, spiritual or health coach can be equally rewarding.

Help Others as a Medical Assistant

Health care can be another career change with interesting options. There are programs where you can transition to a medical assistant, LPN, or CNA in a year or less. Medical assistants provide support to doctors by taking a patients’ vital signs, drawing blood, and helping with other similar procedures. In some cases, learning can even take place on the job. For a twist on this stimulating career, consider applying to one of many NGOs or Mercy Ships that serve people around the world.

Share Your Passion as a Tour Guide

If you have a favorite vacation spot that you return to year after year, being a tour guide could be your next fascinating career. Jackie Lange, owner of Panama Relocation Tours (, offers guided tours of the most popular expat communities in Panama to provide an overview of the options for relocating. Jackie “accidentally” became a tour guide when her Texas friends started wanting to go with her to Panama. Jackie Whitt, co-founder of Adios Adventure Travel ( tells a similar story about how she came to lead tours to Peru. Imagine traveling for free to your favorite destinations by being the leader of a tour.

Help the Earth as a Sustainability Coordinator

Transfer your project management skills to a career in sustainability. Seasoned professional women with significant experience in project management need only add knowledge of sustainable practices to their repertoire to make them desirable to most any company or organization trying to develop and implement sustainability initiatives. This is an excellent second career where experience is valued over youth, plus, you’ll be helping Mother Earth at the same time.

Become a Private Investigator

The name is Bond. Jane Bond. Careers don’t get any more fascinating than being a private investigator, and what better place to learn than Harriet Bond’s Detective Academy. Carrie Austin founded her all female detective agency in the UK, hiring only women on the senior team because of their innate intuition and natural curiosity. Carrie offers both commercial and private investigation services, and her academy trains in all aspects of the job. If becoming Miss Marple appeals to you, contact Carrie or look for similar opportunities where you live.

You still have a lot to contribute to the world. Good luck finding a second career that fulfills you and also positively impacts your health and well-being. Choose something that’s both enjoyable and meaningful.

What would be your dream career for this next stage of life? What do you think are the best jobs for seniors? Please add your thoughts in the comments section below.



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  1. Most of those examples are a joke. Those over sixty still need to pay mortgages and eat! My husband is facing redundancy and with all his qualifications he is unlikely to find a job in his field of expertise. After writing fifty letters and only receiving seven responses with the sae’s we enclosed we are finding it soul destroying. I’m a self employed writer/author and sadly any advice people give to those over 60 to take this job up need to do their homework. It’s a hard occupation to break into and pay rates have dropped due to the hobby writers selling themselves too cheap – or for free.

  2. June has hit the nail alright no one wants us oldies, and yet where are the brains, certainly not the young ones, we have the experience to teach the young IF they want to be gain our experiences in every field

  3. I would like to join an NGO conducting research for evaluation of development. But I have not really explored the possibilities.

  4. I actually used to work for a PI.

  5. good info…I am a certified tour guide/manager and I have found that many of the agencies like YOUNGER people not so many at our age. Unless you have a strong second language or find a niche market…many times I have been overlooked….:(

  6. im going to relax

  7. After losing my mom 2 years ago, I continued volunteering at the seniors residence where she lived ~ so rewarding!!!! As well I have a small client base where I offer Reiki regularly ~ also very rewarding!!!! Finally I am doing things I LOVE after many years in a career that was strictly for the salary.

  8. I agree June we have worked all our lived y work for nothing nice if u can afford to

  9. After teaching for over 30 years, I’m now collecting a pension which enables me to work at what I really love doing, being a freelance writer.

  10. i started a new job with 58…did it for 10 years…noe feeling younger, having more friends, looking better too

  11. I did try volunteering work, most bored…

  12. It all sounds very fasinating, but in my case, i need the extra money so volunteering is out, i just cant get my head round working for no pay. And the rest of suggestions, well dont know bout anyone else in UK but i cant see any such opportunities for me The only jobs that anyone seems to consider over 60s women for here, and what many are doing, is cleaning and caring.Neither of which i want to do, doing my own cleaning is quite enough.Realistically women over 60 have little chance of any other paid employment. Ive given up applying,there really is no point, Interested to hear how other UK residents feel. If you had a normal everyday job once your old employer doesent want you anymore at 60 forget working again.

  13. Hermanda, the more I reed your other posts on this board, the more I see my own reflection in your mirror. It would be nice if we can meet….Love your post’s!

  14. I have to work to pay the bills .Am trying to make a living by house sitting and also with my flock of sheep .I have worked with horses and farming all my life .Istill ride .last summer i got in and stacked 800 small bales of hay on my own no one was willing to help..I AM 63 .NO CHANCE OF GETTING FAT OR LAZY..iREALLY ENJOY LIFE AND THANK FULL I HAVE GOOD HEALTH..KEEP MENTALY HAPPY AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW.

  15. really wouldn’t want a career now. Enjoy doing what I want and when I want. If I had to work, I would teach art, I have a teaching cert. Luckily, I don’t have to. So I won’t.

  16. Private detective would be great probably only ope to ex security/police etc. Who sees older people anyway we are invisible. . . So who better

  17. I love to do Mystery Shopping! Great, fun and good money!

  18. I dropped out at 49 and did my own thing – I want to see serious work suggested here, like Cabinet Minister, Professor, Company Director … that’s what older people should all be doing.

  19. i wish to join NGOthat ican share my knowlledgeto others

  20. I do, I am 73 this coming August and work a 36 Hour week, it keeps me fit, both mentally and physically and I enjoy doing a job I have done since I left school at 16. Both my parents worked well into their 70’s, as did two of my brothers. Not for everyone I know, but it can be beneficial. How many people have you heard of who retired and died shortly afterwards?

  21. I have to work …after being a nurse I have just qualified as a Hypnotherapist and I am on my way to being a psychotherapist,eventually possibly a counsellor and I love it :-)

  22. Over 60 n a new career? I an afraid it’s really very often the case of who wants to employ someone over 60. U have de experience, u hce de drive n de energy …. u hce to go on ur own n that can b very scary sometimes. I am very grateful that I am still at 65 in full employment but must admit as much as my work n my much younger colleagues keep me going, the tines that I want to be master of my time becomes stronger.

  23. u r still a very good lucking lady marie


  25. Sempre é hora e momento de começar.

  26. had hoped to go back to school, but volunteering at a school has become a full time rewarding job

  27. went back to school at 59,became a Personal Support Worker!!!!!!

  28. I went back to school at 58, but no one wants a 60 yr. old receptionist. Go figure.

  29. Sadly as someone who worked in telcoms call centre i think most of these avenues would be closed to me.