Women over 60 are creative thinkers by nature and we are the first group of women living longer than previous generations. We are generally very well educated about how to keep our bodies healthy. In most areas of life know what is ‘good for us’. We exercise, eat healthy food, and are in general very attentive to the needs of our body. However, we often neglect the most important organ in the body, which also has to be exercised and nourished and taken seriously – our brains.

Have you ever wondered why you forget where you put your keys but still remember how to drive? The brain is complex and intriguing, and in our new FREE e-book “60 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy After 60”, we explore the many ways that you can keep it healthy after 60. From learning a new language to managing your daily nutrition, you have the power to keep your brain in great shape. We promise that some of our ideas will surprise you!

When it comes to brain health, research strongly shows the importance of great nutrition, stress management, physical exercise and mental stimulation. It is an established fact that the  more stimulating and intellectually challenging we make our lives, the better are our odds of keeping our aging brains vital, sharp, and agile. Our new e-book offers a roadmap on your journey to a healthy brain. We hope that you our e-book as much as we enjoyed writing it. It certainly offered us plenty of brain stimulation and we hope that it does the same for you too!

>> 60 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy After 60 <<

Sample Chapters 60 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy EbookTo download, click the link above and on the page with the book press “Save a Copy” or “Save As”.

I hope you find the ideas and images stimulating and fun!

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  1. crosswords, word searches, reading, writing stories, doing on line games, emailing, texting, skyping

  2. yoga and meditation,,..

  3. Oh and do plenty crosswords !!

  4. No need to train your brain just keep planning and going to enjoy whatever it is you are interested in because that is what keeps you alive, looking forward to the next project, a man in his 90s told me that years ago and it has so far worked for me and I’m 71 this year.

  5. No need to train your brain just keep planning and going to enjoy whatever it is you are

  6. Absolutely

  7. Love it…….brilliant advice!

  8. don’t sit on your bum all day watching the tv. Crafts, gardening, painting, knitting, visiting places of interest, join something and meet likeminded people. Further education, studying something you have always wanted to learn ie. languages, literature, art history, car mechanics, woodwork, sculpture. Anything but sit and fester then moan about not having anything to do. How about that?

  9. fo for a swim try and make time for it

  10. Play bridge – join a club if you can already play or take lessons if you can’t. You can play online too.

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