Over the last century, most countries have seen major improvements in life expectancy. While it’s great news that we are living longer, women of our generation are also having to deal with increased financial responsibilities over a longer period of time. No matter how well you plan for your retirement, maintaining your quality of life after 60 can be a challenge. Fortunately, technology is keeping up with us and there are now plenty of ways to supplement your income while doing the things that you love. No matter how old you are, financial freedom is within your grasp. With this in mind, I ask you to imagine…

Imagine that three years from now your side projects have exceeded your current working income. Imagine the feeling of independence you would have from an income source that belonged to you, not a job that could be taken away. Imagine the freedom you would have, and the choices you could make. All this is possible if you take action today. To help you get started, we’ve assembled an impressive list of 60 ways to make money after 60. We think we’ve found something for everyone, so we invite you to thoughtfully read through the list and see if you find something that excites you. Maybe your dream is in there somewhere. Imagine!

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I hope you find the ideas and images profitable and fun!

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