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6 Things to Change If You Want to Lose Weight After 60

By  •  June 19, 2019

The time for excuses is over. In this article I will discuss the 6 top mind sets you have to overcome if it is weight loss you are looking for. And not just weight loss, but sustained weight loss.

Vision, goal and take action, that is my motto. Read More

5 Ways Inadequate Sleep Can Undermine Your Weight Loss Efforts After 60

By  •  June 2, 2019

Do you have some days when you feel hungry all day, no matter what you eat? That might be because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before.  Read More

Want to Lose Weight After 60? It’s Time to Take Personal Responsibility and Make Better Choices

By  •  May 25, 2019

You may have tried to diet and struggled to lose weight. Or you succeeded in losing weight but couldn’t keep it off. Read More

Can Positive Affirmations Help Us with Body Image and Weight Loss After 60?

By  •  May 15, 2019

Most of us have heard about using positive affirmations. But are they really effective? And can they really help with weight loss? Read More

How I Lost Weight on My Cruise

By  •  April 5, 2019

All you ever hear from people is how much weight they gained during their cruise. “The food was so good,” they groan. They ate like crazy and now they have to diet.

Well, I’m here to report that I went on a cruise and lost weight. Hah! Read More

Shed 10 Pounds in 10 Minutes? What to Do if You’re Struggling to Lose Weight After 60

By  •  March 26, 2019

Sounds impossible, right?! Wrong! It’s very possible. Let me explain …

As we grow older and our body takes on different forms and dimensions (we become shape shifters), we may continue to dress as we always have, not realising it just doesn’t work anymore. Read More

How a Low Functioning Thyroid Can Lead to Weight Gain After 50

By  •  March 21, 2019

In a previous article I discussed the effects of estrogen on your body and subsequent weight gain. Then I followed with a discussion on cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Read More

11 Small-Step Ideas for Healthy Weight Loss After 60

By  •  March 16, 2019

No matter our age, it’s hard not to think about how 5 or 10 fewer pounds might make us happy. It can mean the difference in a dress size. It can be a boost to self-esteem. Read More

9 Behavior Patterns of Healthy Senior Weight Loss: Forget Diets, Think Behavior!

By  •  February 27, 2019

“Thin behavior” has fascinated me for years. I just don’t get it. I don’t mean the kind of behavior where skinny kids squeezed through fence slats in the alley, or where my teenaged friends stretched thin, nubile bodies on the beach at Shady Oak Lake as I huddled on my towel. Read More

Senior Weight Loss 101: What Is the Microbiome Diet?

By  •  February 23, 2019

Our oldest daughter gave us a very special gift this past Christmas: two round trip tickets from Arizona to Minneapolis so we could spend four days after Christmas with her family. Read More