Hi everyone – this is Margaret here. This is a sensitive topic… but also an important one. As you know, sexual harassment has been in the news a lot lately. But, we haven’t heard from many women of our generation about our experiences in the workplace. So, I was happy when a journalist from the International Business Times, Kashmira Gander, contacted me to ask if any of the women in our community wanted to share their stories. Specifically, she has asked any women who experienced sexual harassment before it was recognized as a problem to reach out to her at k.gander@newsweekgroup.com.

To be completely clear, I’m not asking anyone to share their stories on our website. But, for those of you that have a story to share, I wanted to tell you about this opportunity.

I personally believe that the women in our community can offer a lot of wisdom and perspective on this important issue. If you want to share your story – even anonymously, please feel free to reach out to Kashmira.

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