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Discussion in 'Clothing and Style' started by Margaret Manning, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Margaret Manning

    Margaret Manning Sixty and Me Staff Member

    I love (eye) glasses. Have been wearing them since i was a little girl so i have become quite a collector. Now i buy fun inexpensive glass frames at markets and sometimes grocery stores and have an optician put my prescription in them. I just found a cool site for boomer reading glasses - has anyone got any recommendations?
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  2. Viirukatti

    Viirukatti Diamond Diva

    Hi, I looked at those frames and they are very cheap. Here in Finland the cheapest are 50€ and the usual prize is around 100€. I cannot recommend any but I found my favorite and they cost only about $. 20.
  3. Ajaye

    Ajaye Diamond Diva

    I also have been wearing glasses since I was very young. Then it was for distant, now a lot older I have to have both. I have one pair of varifocal and several reading glasses dotted around the house!!! I buy my emergency reading glasses from Aldis/Lidls at €2.99 and will do like you and have my prescription fitted in them.:cool:
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  4. Violetta

    Violetta Diamond Diva

    great idea:)
  5. Heather

    Heather Ruby Rebel

    I have my prescription glasses which I use for work and reading, but keep $10 hobby glasses available from our local department store - in the car, in my draw at work, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in my travel bag. The hobby glasses have cool frames, and I can read just fine if I buy the correct strength. I also took my prescription from my optician with me when I went to Viet Nam and got a pair made - and they are every bit as good as the $800 ones from home, and they only cost me $100.
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  6. olivebranch

    olivebranch Diamond Diva

    Sounds good fun Margaret. Unfortunately my lense prescription is very specific and expensive, so have to choose my frames with care, always like to go for something a bit edgy though. Isn't it great that glasses are presently "in" with so many different colours and styles to choose from. Cheers.
  7. Celia

    Celia Sapphire Sister

    I have to collect new glasses tomorrow. I fell for the hype, free eye test etc. boy were they expensive when they added all the extras. I was horrified but if they do all the say they will do it will be great.
    I need glasses for reading & distance driving at night. When I got my first pair that did both. Wonderful. I could actually see how fast I was going & where I was going.
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  8. Celia

    Celia Sapphire Sister

    & big frames back in. That's a shocker.
  9. Scaryscouse

    Scaryscouse Amber Angel

    Like yourself my lenses have 3 different prescriptions in them - in fact they cost more than double the price of frames!!
  10. olivebranch

    olivebranch Diamond Diva

    Not to worry ....give them another year (large frames) and they'll be out of fashion.
  11. Billy Blue

    Billy Blue Sapphire Sister

    About 4 years ago I "channelled" Chanel and bought some chanel frames. They are my 'wear everywhere' glasses. I was nearly sick paying that money but turns out that I would have spent that much over 4 years getting new glasses every year for I was forever losing them or breaking them. Not my chanel framed glasses. When not in use they are always in their case. I can't believe I haven't lost them yet. I hope to wear them for the rest of my life. I'm lucky that I was able to afford the glasses at the time (it was a one off thing) and happy I indulged myself. I've had to have the prescription changed for them once, so far.

    My daughter nearly fell off her chair when she first saw me with those chanel glasses. She knows I love fashion in theory but am happy not to spend much on anything I wear if possible. So me having a pair of chanel glasses came as a shock to her.

    Although with the recent, terrible tragedy in Bangladesh where a whole building -- where many different well know clothing lables were made -- mostly cheap ones - collapsed because of faulty enginneering (as a result of cutting corners to save money) and hundreds of people killed I've had to rethink buying cheap clothes. It's hard to know what to do (to keep buying the cheaper clothes and although the workers are being exploited at least they are making some money -- as one chinese worker pointed out a couple of years ago when clothing manfacturing in some chinese factories were exposed as unbelievable sweat shops). so for the time being I'm going to try buying second hand -- or vintage -- as they say from Vinnies

    I did notice the other day that Cadbury's chocolate has joined 'fair trade.' It said so on the wrapper of the chocolate bar I scoffed. I'm hoping all the big clothing chain shops will do the same thing.

    Billy Blue.
  12. Viirukatti

    Viirukatti Diamond Diva

    Hi, you wrote if you have to buy cheaper clothes, i think no. One reason that in those cheap clothes they use worse material than in more expencive ones. Cheap material gets bad when you wash them and you must byu new more often. It is not saving to behave like that. Good quality clothes come cheaper in the long run and that is also good for nature.
  13. Rinchen

    Rinchen Amber Angel

    60 Minutes did an expose on the eyewear industry. It is an monopoly that also owns the vision insurance branch. Google it to learn more. I like, first pair is free. FB them.

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