Woodstock was way more than just a music festival. It represented everything our generation stood for in the 1960s. Of course, not everyone was into peace, love and music, but, a great many of us were.

Even those of us who were unable to attend Woodstock in person (including myself) still feel the powerful pull that this music festival had on our generation.

Even from a purely musical perspective, Woodstock launched or greatly enhanced the careers of many of the most iconic artists of all time.

Imagine a music festival with Jimi Hendrix, The Band, The Who, Janis Joplin, Johnny Winter, the Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, Ten Years After, Joan Baez and Santana all in attendance. This is exactly what those of us who attended Woodstock were lucky enough to experience!

Just for fun, we thought that we would put together a little quiz to see how much the members of our community remember about Woodstock.

Will you get all of the questions correct? Let’s find out!

In Which Year Did Woodstock Take Place?

Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell

Which of the Following Acts Did NOT Play At Woodstock?

Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell

How Many People Attended Woodstock?

Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell

Woodstock Took Place Near Which City?

Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell

Who Opened Woodstock, Despite Not Being Scheduled Until the Evening?

Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell

How Much Did Tickets to Woodstock Cost?

Ric Manning

Who Was the Closing Act at Woodstock?

Mark Goff

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Did you go to Woodstock? If not, did you see the 1970s documentary about the music festival? What do you remember most about the 1960s? Let’s have a chat!

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