There is no denying that Helen Mirren is a favorite of the Sixty and Me community. Not only do we love her as an actress, but, she is also a down-to-earth, graceful and generous lady. In other words, she is someone who both inspires and entertains!

But, how well do we really know Helen Mirren? If you are like me, you can probably list a dozen or so movies that she appeared in. You may even be able to tell me how many Oscars she has won.

But do you know how many times she has played a queen in a major film or which famous actor she dated in the 1980s? Let’s find out!

Just for fun, we have prepared a short quiz to help you test your knowledge of Helen Mirren. We hope you enjoy it!

Where Was Helen Mirren Born?


How Many Times Has Helen Mirren Played a Queen in a Film?


Which Brand of Tea Does Helen Mirren Take When She Travels?


How Many Oscars Has Helen Mirren Won?


Which Exercise Program Does Helen Mirren Swear By?


Which Famous Actor Did Helen Mirren Date in the 1980s?


In Which of the Following Films Did Helen Mirren NOT Star?


Which of the Following Has Helen Mirren NOT Done?


Helen Mirren Was the Ambassador of Which Organization?

Allure Magazine

Who is Helen Mirren Married to?


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