Hooded eyes are a common issue that women over 60 have to contend with. It might seem like the only solutions are drastic, surgical options, but there are far simpler, painless ways to create the illusion of an eyelift without a needle or knife in sight!

If you are looking for a way to have makeup help you leave the house looking bright-eyed as ever, you’ll enjoy today’s tutorial with Ariane Poole!

In today’s Sixty and Me video, professional makeup artist Ariane Poole joins Margaret Manning to demonstrate simple, yet, effective ways to use makeup to reduce the look of hooded eyes.

Hooded Eye Types

You might be surprised to know that hooded eyelids are not limited to being caused by aging. There are actually two types of hooded eyes – one is caused by vanishing lids and the other from eyelids drooping.

Vanishing lids are an actual eye shape where you don’t see the eyelid when the eyes are open. Although aging does not cause this type of hooded eye, unfortunately, the effect is increased by it. Drooping eyelids are caused directly by aging, when the upper part of the eye area around the brow bone starts to droop down toward the eyelid and over the eye socket.

Although we’d love to avoid hooded eyes altogether, sometimes they are a fact of life we just need to find workarounds for!

Banish The Vanish

Whether it is your natural eye shape or caused by aging, a vanishing eyelid will make your eyes appear smaller. Your goal for eye makeup is to try and open up the eye area and create a lifting effect.

Ariane starts by applying a light colored, long-lasting eyeshadow such as the Crystal Taupe color Ariane uses in her demonstration. She works this color into the eyelid, bringing it up a little over the eye socket line, leaving the brow line area bare.

To contour this eye shape, Ariane suggests using a darker, matte eyeshadow and applying it to the inner part of the eyelid, bringing it up slightly over the eye socket line. As you can see in today’s Sixty and Me video demonstration, this creates the effect of lifting and opening up the eye in only a few minutes!

How Makeup After 60 Can Defeat The Droop!

If you’re dealing with the dreaded droop, you are also fighting against your eyes appearing small and tired, and looking for ways to make them look larger and brighter. The techniques to combat this are very similar to what is used for dealing with vanishing eyelids, however, have some key differences.

We again start by applying a light eyeshadow to the eyelid area and take it up to the beginning of the eye socket area, leaving the area under the brow bone natural. A pencil – whichever color you like – is applied along the edge of the eye line, and then taken to the outer end of the eyelids, blended gently with the ring finger. In a few short minutes, the hooded eyelid is barely noticeable!

Stay Away From The Shimmer

It’s tempting to put a shimmering highlighter directly under the brow bone as you would assume this would make your eyes appear more open and bright. Surprisingly, it creates the very opposite effect!

As Ariane demonstrates in today’s Sixty and Me video it actually makes the eye look smaller and the socket more pronounced – you honestly have to see it to believe it! If you have redness in that area and really want some coverage, Ariane suggests using a product that matches your natural skin tone.

What do you like or dislike most about your eyes? Are you self-conscious about your eye area? What did you enjoy the most about Ariane’s demonstration? Let’s have a chat!

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