Our sense of smell is one of our least appreciated gifts. This is true during the day, when we rely on our vision and hearing to guide us through the world. Unfortunately, it is also true at night, when we largely ignore the scents in our bedroom.

Did you know that smell it is the only sense that bypasses our brains’ internal filters and taps directly into our emotions?

Learning to harness this powerful sense can help us to sleep better at night so that we can get more from life during the day.

Here are 3 magical ways that scents can help you to sleep better as you get a little older.

Lavender May Help You to Sleep Better

Of all the natural scents that may be able to improve the quality of your sleep, lavender has been studied the most. Not only does lavender smell fabulous, but, it has also been shown to improve the quality of people’s sleep. For example, one study showed that smelling lavender before bed increased the percentage of deep sleep that participants experienced.

Another study found that lavender oil helped to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia among nursing home residents.

There are so many wonderful ways to add the scent of lavender to your bedroom. Personally, I’m a big fan of natural options, like essential oils or a good old-fashioned dried lavender sachet. What’s your favorite lavender product? Please add it in the comments section.

Natural Scents Help You to “Turn Off” the Day

There is a growing body of evidence that lavender has special properties when it comes to helping us to fall asleep. That said, we don’t need to limit ourselves to lavender. One of the biggest benefits of adding natural scents to your bedroom is that they create a relaxing context.

During the day, we are bombarded by sights and sounds. Beautiful scents tell our body and mind that it is time to switch off. Scents are also powerful when combined with pleasant rituals, like gentle yoga or meditation.

If you want a break from lavender, you may want to consider vanilla, chamomile, sandalwood or jasmine.

Fresher Air Means Fewer Allergies and Better Sleep

Natural scents are wonderful, but, sometimes what we need is cleaner air. In a previous article, I discussed several ways that you can improve the quality of the air in your home. One option is to buy chemical absorbing plants, like aloe vera, golden pothos, peace lily, or spider plant. Alternatively, you could invest in an air filter. Either way, don’t leave the quality of the air in your room to chance. Don’t just cover up bad smells and unhealthy air. Clean it naturally.

What are your favorite relaxing scents? Do you have a particular scent that you like to use in the evening to help you get ready to sleep? What else have you done recently to sleep better? Please join the conversation.

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