I grew up in a small southern US town where the ladies dressed to the nines for just about everything. Church, bridge, mullet roasts, garden circles, campaign rallies and the Friday night football games. Even the older ladies did this – especially the older ladies.

Remembering the Blue Hairs

I distinctly remember the blue-haired ladies. They were always so tidy and meticulous with every hair in place. Both of my grandmothers went to the beauty parlor every week for a wash and set, but several of the elderly ladies used a rinse that made their hair have a bluish-gray tint. We called them the “blue hairs.”

Mother said that some women’s gray hair yellowed more than others, and that they used this rinse to make their gray prettier. Of course, with greying comes the dimming of eyesight, too. So, at times some of the ladies used too much of the rinse, thus the blue tint. As a child, I thought it was cool.

I’ve threatened for years to be a blue hair when I grew old. If all these young girls can have pink, purple and green hair, then why can’t we older ladies have blue hair? Maybe it’s time to embrace going gray.

Embrace the Process of Going Gray

Well, here I am today with a head full of gray hair. Or at least it appears so at the roots. I’m not sure because I color my hair consistently. I’ve colored it since some of the gray started coming in nearly 20 years ago.

I’m thinking, though, that it might be time to embrace my gray hair; but I’m not exactly sure how much I really have up there.

Frankly, this is a new phenomenon for me. Until just lately, I never even considered letting myself go gray. I’m a vain woman. I think I’m just curious more than anything. Several of my girlfriends did it, and I like it. They look great.

Just Stop Coloring

So, last fall, I stopped coloring my hair. I watched the gray roots grow each time between washings. It has been like one big experiment.

To keep it looking good, though, I sprayed the gray roots using a product called “Grey Away.” It worked like a charm and hid my gray roots even after my roots got more than two inches long. There are many other sprays and secret weapons on the market, but I found this one right away and kept using it.

Now I have over two inches of uncolored gray that I cover with this spray after every shampoo. This is why I tell my husband that we older ladies know camouflage. He calls it fraud. I find it works better after my blow dry and after I apply my hair spray.

Here are the photos – before and after using the spray. It covers very well.

Get a Shorter Haircut

Next was a good haircut, shorter than I’ve had in a quite a while. I wanted to cut off as much of the colored hair as possible. I need hair to frame my face, so it is cut longer on the top with bangs. The haircut is by a local stylist here in Florida. She cut it just like I wanted.

I can’t wait to see how it does when I style it myself, and I am not totally gray. I may want to go back to spraying it with “Gray Away” to let more gray grow in.

And I can always just go back to coloring it. We women today have so many options.

One thing I know for sure, though – my hair won’t allow me to be a blue hair. Not yet, anyway. It’s still a little too early. That will take a while longer.

Unknowingly, my kids and husband are thankful. I haven’t told them what I’m planning.

Have you decided to let your hair go gray? Have you taken the steps to let your gray hair grow in? Do you cover your gray hair while it is growing in, or do you use Grey Away or similar product? Please share in the comments.

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