When we are planning a vacation, or any kind of trip for that matter, we typically plan for all sorts of situations.

What clothes do we need to include for everything we want to do? What snacks do we want to keep within our grasp? Do we have enough of our prescription medications for the entire time we will be away? The list goes on.

My husband and I have traveled to many places over the years. Most of our trips have included planes, trains and rental cars. Recently we decided to begin traveling closer to home so that we can include our “fur children.”

We have dogs. In the past we have had to either board them or have a pet sitter take care of them. Neither of these options are inexpensive and they are stressful, both on us and our pets.

Picking the Right Location and Rental Property when Traveling with Pets

We planned our first trip close to home. We rented a cabin on a lake about a 4-hour drive from where we live. When we searched for places to rent, we filtered the results to show only those owners who would accept pets. We also checked out local shopping in case we needed anything. Vacation activities were all within a short drive of the cabin.

Getting Pet Health Records in Order

We visited our veterinarian to be sure everyone was good to go for the trip. Vaccinations were up to date and flea and heart worm prevention were done. Copies of their health records were packed.

Packing up Pet Supplies

A lot of thought went into just what we would need for our dogs. Food, dishes, leads, bedding, etc. I decided to invest in new leads that were reflective to make it easier to be seen at night. I also invested in lightweight dishes and left their good crockery dishes at home. To save room in the car we kept their good beds at home and brought along rag rugs.

Planning Bathroom Breaks

We had to be strategic in planning bathroom stops. Not every rest stop or gas station stop had easy access to the required grass, or had any grass to use at all. We brought along plenty of plastic bags to clean up after our dogs.

Emergency Veterinary Care

After all of this planning the one item we neglected was the one thing that should have been right up there at the top of the list: an emergency veterinary clinic should one be required.

As it happened, we were there only one day and had to drive an hour away to the closest emergency veterinary clinic.

My husband and I are great planners, or so we thought. We had to learn this painful lesson the hard way. When you are traveling with pets you absolutely must know where the emergency veterinary clinics are along the route and while you are there.

What experiences have you had traveling with pets? Do you always take your fur children with you when you travel? What other tips would you like to share with women in our community? Please join the conversation.

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