Baby boomers are on the move. But, as Morgan Freeman’s character in the upcoming movie 5 Flights Up asks, “Why are we moving? What are we chasing?” Clearly, our reasons for moving in retirement will vary. Some of us will choose to move closer to friends and family. Others will look for our next great adventure. Many of us will downsize and focus on simplicity.

Regardless of what you choose, 5 Flights Up will get you thinking. The film, starring Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton has already earned a 7.4 rating on IMDB and I for one can’t wait to watch it.

5 Flights Up is a Story About Reinvention and Renewal

It is a story about moving, but, it is also a story about moving forward. It is a story about actively seeking happiness in our later years. By following the journey of a long-married couple looking for happiness, 5 Flights Up reminds us to take advantage of the freedom that life after retirement offers to seek out new adventures.

Ok, granted, Morgan Freeman’s character is probably a bit ahead of us baby boomers in terms of age, but, the challenges and opportunities presented in 5 Flights Up apply to all of us. We are all trying to balance the need to be independent with the desire to be close to our families. We all want to live healthy and active lives. We are all looking for places that allow us to pursue our passions and hobbies in retirement. And, if we can find a place with plenty of sunshine, so much the better!

Please enjoy watching the trailer. Then, let us know how you are thinking about retirement in the comments section at the end of this article. I’d love to know what you think!

Are you planning on moving after you reach retirement age? What factors will be most important for your next move? Have you seen 5 Flights Up? Did you enjoy it? Please join the discussion.

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