Many people associate makeup with younger women, but, who says that older women can’t enjoy wearing makeup too?

Unfortunately, in today’s youth-obsessed culture, it is not uncommon for older women to feel lost when looking for the best makeup for mature skin. This is especially true when most brands on the market are expensive and not geared for our age group.

In Sixty and Me’s makeup demonstration with Margaret Manning, we go over 5 affordable foundations that are perfect for older women. Enjoy the video!

Makeup Should Be Fun! Getting a Great Foundation Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank!

A lot of people think that if the product is expensive then it must be better than anything else. However, this isn’t always the case.

You can still buy an affordable foundation that has the same quality as other expensive brands, like Dior and Chanel. And besides, makeup should be enjoyable. You should not have to use expensive products to have a great experience.

As Margaret says, “I’ve tried La Mer foundation… and some of the really expensive ones… But I’ve always decided that I’m going to stick with foundations that are under $20. Even this is a lot for me because I just feel like makeup should be fun and not something that you have to break the bank to purchase.”

So, in this today’s makeup for older women video, Margaret goes over five different foundations suited for older women. Best of all, each of these products can be purchased for under $20.

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2-in-1 Foundation and Serum

Margaret is wearing Max Factor Ageless Elixir during her demonstration. The foundation typically goes on smoothly and has an SPF of 15. This isn’t very high, but it is just enough to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, while also giving you a natural glow.

Catrice All Matt, 18-hour

While Catrice All Matt foundation is highly mattifying, it does not dry out your skin.

This brand is very affordable. In fact, Margaret found hers for just under $10.

Margaret uses a natural beige for her skin. However, Catrice’s foundation only comes in four to five different shades, so their choices are more limited than other brands.

IT CC+ Cream

IT cosmetics is one of the best makeup brands for older women. It’s pretty popular too!

IT CC+ Cream that Margaret demonstrated has an SPF of 50, which will definitely protect your skin against the sun as well. IT CC+ has full coverage, as well as, color-correcting features. This is perfect for when you have an event or need to take pictures. This is because it’ll make your skin seem very smooth.

As Margaret says, “I wear this sometimes when I’m doing photos or Skype call… when I need a little bit more coverage.”


Unlike some of our recommendations, L’Oreal has a lot of color options. In fact, these options are what Margaret loves the most about this product line!

She uses Infallible, 24-hour L’Oreal foundation, which offers medium to full coverage. This is the perfect foundation for women who would want makeup that lasts a long time. Because of its deep tone and the amount of coverage it has, L’Oreal foundation is great for events and taking pictures.

Ariane Poole Ultimate Face Tint

According to Margaret, Ariane Poole’s Ultimate Face Tint is the “perfect, go-to” and it comes in three different colors.

This product acts as a moisturizer, bb cream, cc cream and foundation. It will also blend in effortlessly with your skin tone. Margaret says that, “This is the foundation I wear most often… and the one that I feel most comfortable in.”

Do you have a favorite foundation that we haven’t mentioned? What makes these foundations the best foundation for you? Where have you found the best makeup for mature skin? Please share your thoughts below!

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