It’s finally time for retirement. We have endless freedom stretching in front of us, which means that we can spend our days doing whatever we like. If you are looking around to see what others are doing with their retirement years, check out these five trends for the young at heart.

Independent Retirement Living

Our Baby Boomer generation is retiring 10,000 strong daily at an age where it’s possible to extend quality of life like never before. We can work with doctors to keep ourselves active and our body behaving like that of a much younger person. Because of that, we can live independently for a lot longer.

No retirement communities for us! We’ll take care of ourselves for much longer than earlier generations of retirees.

Home Remodeling

Eventually, even people in the best of health find themselves needing to make some modifications to improve their quality of life. This might be as simple as moving the master bedroom to the ground floor so that we don’t have to climb upstairs when we’re already tired. Or it might be as complicated as widening doorways, installing wheelchair ramps, or modifying the bathroom so that we can walk straight into a shower instead of needing to step over a bath tub.

These modifications can add up. Luckily, there are cases in which Medicaid will help pay for some home modifications — as well as possibly an insurance policy. So, make sure you read over the policy to know what’s available.

Qualifying for Medicaid can be complex for those not in the loop with all the Medicaid nitty-gritty, and with the constant changes to the system it may be advisable to reach out to a long-term care Medicaid eligibility expert or educate yourself thoroughly.

Starting to think that keeping up with a family house is too much work? Many Baby Boomers are choosing apartment living to reduce expenses and upkeep.

Access to Conveniences

When our parents retired, they often spent a lot of time puttering around their homes. We, on the other hand, want to continue living an active, involved lifestyle. That means that access to conveniences like stores, malls, and recreational facilities is important to us. You’ll be thrilled to find that there are many people from our generation looking for the same things.

Remaining Close to Family and Friends

Gone are the days when “retirement” meant selling everything and buying a condo in Florida. These days, many seniors are living longer than ever before – wanting to spend those days with the people who mean the most to them.

While vacationing and travel are still high on the list of activities for active seniors like us, everyone likes to know that they have a family to come home to. It’s also been proven that grandparents who babysit regularly stay young longer. So dive in with the grandkids and enjoy the freedom of retirement to spend more time with them.

Travel and RV Living

When our children were young, taking even a simple trip meant loading enough provisions for a month, packing the car down with more than it was designed to hold, and dealing with too many people crammed into too small a space. Now, we have the freedom to travel as we see fit.

We can see the country or travel around the world – it’s our choice! Many seniors like us are buying into the RV lifestyle, traveling to different campgrounds around the country and enjoying all the different people we meet and places we’re able to see.

Retirement won’t be boring for our generation. There’s never a dull moment when we embrace everything that life has to offer and take on the world with as much spirit as ever. We can choose to follow the trends of those who have gone before, or develop a unique style of retirement. The world is ours!

Which of these retirement living trends appeals to you? Have you ever thought of buying an RV and travelling the world? Or have you decided to stay close to family and grandchildren? Please join the conversation.

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