We are all guilty of hanging on to clothing items we haven’t worn in years! It might be because we think they’ll come back into fashion. There might be pieces that bring back good memories. There are others we feel are too good to get rid of, and we feel wasteful doing so. If you’re stuck wondering what items you should toss from your closet, you’ll love today’s video with Dorrie Jacobson!

In today’s Sixty and Me video Margaret Manning is joined by fashion expert and ex-Playboy Bunny Dorrie Jacobson to discuss the items we should all get rid of from our closet – and lives – as quickly as possible!

Sweaters To Avoid

Even Bridget Jones – not known to be the snappiest dresser – knew themed sweaters were a fashion no-no. Knitted sweaters with snowflakes, reindeer or pumpkins are only funny for five minutes, and don’t belong in your closet! Get rid of them pronto – who wants to be a punchline!

Say Au Revoir To Souvenir T-Shirts For Fashion Over 60

Themed t-shirts are best to avoid, and souvenir t-shirts are the worst of them! No stylish woman thinks it’s important that everyone she comes across knows she has been to Disneyland or loves New York! If you do have a few of these t-shirts floating around, you can use them to sleep in or repurpose them as cleaning cloths.

Velour Is Never Va Va Voom!

Velour sweatpants had a short revival when words such as ‘Juicy’ were stamped across the buttock area. The resurrection was thankfully short-lived – velour sweatsuits are tacky at best, never sexy or flattering, and should be left in the past. If they are still in your closet, you need to move them out as fast as you can!

Lose Those Granny Pants!

Although we all love a pair of comfortable pants, there is a limit to how far comfort comes before acceptable fashion choices. High waisted pants with thick elastic bands – also known as granny pants – are a big no-no when it comes to fashion for mature women.

There are plenty of other options available if you are looking for comfortable pants that won’t leave you looking and feeling like fashion after 60 is a style wasteland.

The Common “When I…” Mistake

The “When I…” game we play in our head is one we’ve perfected over the years. When it comes to our closet the most common is the “When I lose ten pounds, I will look fabulous in this dress/shirt/skirt, etc.” mind-game. Dorrie believes this is a bad move and you need to pack that item away until you get to that point. She says, “Your closet should be full of clothes that you actually wear, make you feel pretty and fit.”

Margaret agrees, saying, “Knowing your body and knowing yourself helps you.” Having a closet full of clothes that don’t fit or make you feel good about yourself isn’t helpful in many ways. Make room for fashion for older women that bring good things into your life, not negativity!

The Waiting Game

Holding on to clothes from the past has a similar effect to holding on to clothes for the future. Instead of living your life in the moment, and enjoying who you are now keeping clothes with the hope they will come back into fashion for older women isn’t healthy.

Sure, jackets with shoulder pads might come back in style eventually, but in the meantime, they’re cluttering your closet and stopping you from creating a fantastic capsule wardrobe! If the clothes are poor quality, get rid of them. If they are of high quality, pack them away for when they are fashionable.

Do you have old-fashioned clothes cluttering your closet? What items are you hoping will come back into fashion for mature women? How often do you reassess your wardrobe pieces? Let’s have a conversation!

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