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5 Fears that Stop Seniors from Trying Gentle Yoga

By Margaret Manning May 09, 2020

Several years ago, I sat outside of my first gentle yoga class at Yoga Barn in Bali, my emotions as turbulent as the jungle air around me. The tiny voices of a thousand insects struck me as I waited in the humid air. Read More

Gentle Yoga for Seniors: Relax Your Neck and Shoulders (Part 2/8): FREE 46-Min Practice!

By Sixty and Me April 15, 2020

As a woman over 60, are you alarmed at the slump in your shoulders? Have the upper shelves at the grocery store become a stretch too far? Does a painfully stiff neck account for your straight-ahead view of the world?

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Wow! FREE Gentle Yoga for Seniors and Beginners: Open Up and See What Your Body Can Do

By Sixty and Me September 27, 2019

A downward dog, a curling cat, an arching cow and a lying-down locust. What do the members of this unlikely menagerie have in common? They’re all poses you’ll encounter in the fourth and final installment of Sixty and Me’s free Gentle Yoga Flows…

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Full 37-Minute Gentle Yoga for Older Adults: Relax and Release the Tension in Your Body

By Sixty and Me September 13, 2019

Have you already discovered Practice 1 of sixty and Me’s Gentle Yoga Flows video workouts? Or simply someone who’s comfortable with our gentle yoga flow concept and looking for a fun…

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Gentle Yoga for Seniors: Warm Up and Reconnect with Your Body (37-Minute Practice)

By Sixty and Me September 06, 2019

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re an older woman who hasn’t surrendered to the notion that life after 60 means an inevitable decline in your flexibility and strength…

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Love Your Aging Body! A Gentle Yoga Flow with Cat Kabira! (Part 8/8)

By Sixty and Me August 15, 2019

So here you are, after having relearned how to stretch, flex, rotate, hinge or simply find body parts you hadn’t paid much attention to in years. You know the difference between your sit bones and tailbone…

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Gentle Yoga for Seniors: Give Your Legs a Rest! (Part 6/8): 32-Mins of Bliss!

By Sixty and Me August 01, 2019

Beginning with your first tentative toddler days until this moment, your legs have let you stroll, stride, or sprint your way through life. Or maybe, they’ve just let you stand on your feet all day…

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Gentle Yoga DVD

By Margaret Manning June 04, 2019

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Gentle Yoga for Beginners and Seniors: Improve Your Concentration and Memory

By Sixty and Me February 04, 2019

Do you sometimes start looking for something and then forget what it is you wanted to find? Do you find yourself beginning a task only to find your brain meandering off away from the chore at hand? Gentle yoga can help you re-train your brain to focus and concentrate.

Here are a few tips when it comes to yoga for concentration and memory. Read More

Goat Yoga?!? Weird and Wonderful Gentle Yoga Trends Seniors Will Love!

By Janet Basilone August 16, 2018

Yoga is a robust and still-growing sector of the health and wellness industry. Its popularity is being driven in no small part by boomers and healthcare providers who see it as an eminently accessible way to increase flexibility and muscle strength. Read More