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Happy, Healthy, and Post-Menopausal

By Mike Pukanic September 25, 2020

Do you remember when sport was actually fun? The days when getting out and playing sports with our friends was effortless and we were full of energy seem like a long time ago! Staying healthy when we were 16 was definitely fun…

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Step into Your Power – And Become a Queen!

By Janet Gourand July 16, 2023

Did you know that postmenopausal women comprise the largest demographic group in America? The ancient tripartite divisions of Maiden, Mother, and Crone have become even more relevant as the Crone stage now represents one third…

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This One Choice Could Decide Whether You Achieve Healthy Aging

By Debbie Stevenson June 09, 2022

What happens to our body, emotions and memory in our 50s and 60s? They take us by surprise. Our body starts to sag; we find ourselves yelling at our kids for no reason at all, and we can’t seem to remember anything! All of this seems to happen overnight…

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What Happens to Our Bodies During and After Menopause? (Video)

By Margaret Manning September 24, 2015

Most women in the community are looking at menopause through the rear view mirror. Maybe you whizzed through menopause with almost no symptoms at all. Or, maybe you were one of those women who struggled with hot flashes and night sweats. Regardless, you are probably happy to have left menopause behind. Or have you? Read More

These 5 Nonfiction Books Answer Many Health Questions

By Sarah Purcell November 07, 2023

I am excited to share my thoughts about each of my current must read nonfiction books. Yes, you read that right – I am excited about nonfiction books. I think we are living in a fascinating time where scientific research is helping humans…

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Swimming Across That Great Big River: De Nile (Denial)

By Cynthia Hogg March 30, 2023

I started working with “the elderly” while still in high school. Beginning as a candy striper volunteer in a local nursing home, I also volunteered at a nursing home up the hill from my college while working on my degree in Social Work…

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Would We Like to be Young Again?

By Ann Richardson December 05, 2021

I want to start with a large thank you to the readers of Sixty and Me who, albeit unknowingly, helped hugely with the book I recently published, The Granny Who Stands on Her Head. My book is about liking being old, which I do, but I posted an article…

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5 Ways to Join the Longevity Revolution

By Terri Edmund February 08, 2019

When I turned 60, I knew for sure I wanted to live to at least 100.

I’ve been so busy the past 40 years with day to day details – earning a living, having a fun life, caring for my family. I hadn’t planned much for my future. I did quit smoking 20 years ago and started walking to counteract the weight gain. But other than that, aging isn’t something I’d thought much about. Read More

Brain Health After 60: What All Seniors Can Do to Boost Their Brain Power

By Margaret Manning July 01, 2017

Have you ever wondered how you can keep your brain healthy? Psychiatrist and author John Ratey shares amazing information about the power exercise has over the brain. Enjoy the show! Read More

Struggling to Maintain Your Weight After 50? Try These 9 Tips!

By Jacqui Hook March 27, 2017

Keeping off extra pounds is a constant battle for most post-menopausal women. No matter what type of diet we follow – vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free – the challenge of warding off those unwanted pounds remains. The secret to overcoming this challenge lies in our daily habits and behaviors.
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