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What Is the Key to Aging Well? Imagining a More Hopeful Future

By Liz Kitchens August 23, 2023

I feel like I’ve been celebrating my birthday for months. Yes, it is a big one – 70. I’ve lived 20 years longer than my mother did which, as I shared with my two brothers, feels weird. “What do you want for your birthday?” my husband queried…

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Are Telomeres the Key to Aging Well? The Real Reason Why We Age

By Kristine Bahr January 19, 2023

Telomeres are the structures made from DNA sequences that serve to protect the end of a chromosome. They are essential for cell division and get shorter over time until they are no longer able to divide, eventually leading to cell death…

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Answering 6 Questions on Strength Training as an Aging Well Strategy

By Sarah Purcell January 15, 2023

I reversed my own osteoporosis with a combination of important elements like good sleep, whole-food nutrition, improved gut health, and weightlifting, as well as walking with a weighted vest. Over the last few years, I have used my…

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The 2 Most Important Vitamins for Aging Well (You’ve Never Heard of Them!)

By Joan Craig December 04, 2022

You know about Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. I’m sure you do your best to eat a balanced diet of all nutrients. But have you taken your daily dose of Vitamin J and Vitamin P?

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6 Lessons My Mother Taught Me About (Not) Aging Well

By Suzanne Mulligan-Born September 23, 2022

Sometimes we learn what to do from someone who did it all wrong. I found myself realizing I learned a lot from my mother after she turned 60 – but sadly, the lessons are not ones I want to repeat. My mother was the same age as I am now…

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Aging Well Is Hard Work… But, It’s Worth it!

By Marcia Smalley June 10, 2022

The road I live on isn’t paved. It stretches for a mile – a dusty avenue wide enough for two vehicles, and treacherous after a heavy rain. I knew this a dozen years ago when we found our property, which ultimately became our home…

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13 Powerful Lessons for Aging Well, Inside and Out

By Marcia Smalley July 31, 2020

Life is short. Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake. (Anonymous)

The older I get, the harder it is to argue with this advice. Knee deep into my sixth decade, I’ve gathered a few more pearls of wisdom along the way. These lessons are helping me blaze an easier trail through my journey of aging. Read More

Exploring the 3 A’s of Aging Well

By Margaret Manning August 29, 2018

Sixty and Me is a community of over 500,000 women. We come from different backgrounds and cultures. But, we all share one mission. To get the most from life. So, today, I want to share a fascinating article that offers “3 A’s” for aging well. I hope that you find it useful! We also have many other articles to share, on topics ranging from annuities to making friends. So, please check those out too! Join us for a cup of tea (or coffee) and a chat. And, if you enjoy the show, please tell one friend about us today. Your support means so much to me! Read More

Let’s Explore 3 A’s of Aging Well

By Stephanie Raffelock August 28, 2018

Aging well is a lot like a spiritual practice. It requires awareness, discipline and focus to move through the third chapter of life with some grace and a little bit of mischievous disgrace. Read More

Managing Inflammation Leads to Healthier Bones

By Felicia Reid February 25, 2024

Inflammation is your body’s favorite companion, sometimes. Realistically, you can’t live without it, but when it becomes too clingy you can’t live with it either. In the short term, inflammation comes to the rescue when you have a minor infection or injury…

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