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What is Honesty? 6 Ways to Live an Authentic Life After 60

By Kay Arthur July 23, 2020

What keeps you awake at night? That loaded question has so much punch to it. So many things can contribute to bad sleep. If all that depends on you is going as it should and you are still having trouble sleeping at night, perhaps it’s time to be really honest with yourself. Read More

10 Ways to Dare to Live a Wholehearted and Authentic Life After 60

By Patricia Sands March 04, 2020

Did you or didn’t you make New Year’s resolutions last year? Studies show there are those who go through the process year after year. Inevitably, disappointment follows. Read More

How to Embrace Your Truth and Live an Authentic Life

By Margaret Manning January 26, 2018

At this time of the year, many of us are starting to question the New Year’s resolutions that we made only a few short weeks ago. So, today, I want to offer an alternative perspective on getting more from life. I want to talk about how becoming more ourselves is more important than becoming someone or something else. Personally, I think that this message has a lot of power and I hope that you will join us for a chat. Come join us for a cup of tea (or coffee) and a chat. And, if you enjoy the show, please tell one friend about us today. Your support means so much to me! Read More

5 Life Changing Books that Helped Me to Find Authenticity, Gratitude, and Meaning

By Stephanie Raffelock August 28, 2020

Books teach us about who and how we are in the world. They speak to our loftiest ideals and our darkest shadows. Books reveal humanity’s path. Read More

Happy 84th Birthday Sophia Loren – We Love Your Authenticity and Passion for Life

By Margaret Manning September 20, 2018

I love Sophia Loren. There is something about her authenticity and passion for life that makes me want to do more. Today, on September 20th, Sophia celebrates her 84th birthday. Let’s take a look at her life and wish her all the best! Read More

In Search of Authenticity and Integrity in Midlife Balance

By Delia Lloyd April 26, 2018

I had coffee with a friend of mine in London recently. We talked about our joint desire to make our second half of life both meaningful and productive. Read More

Square Pegs in a Round World: Embracing Your Authentic Self as You Age

By Wendy Edwardson December 25, 2022

As someone who has spent her entire life on the peripheral, I know all about being a square peg in a round world. As a once attractive young woman who desperately wanted to fit in, I would never have thought to say anything that ran contrary to popular opinion…

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Do You Allow Busyness to Overtake Your Life After 50 and Beyond?

By Delia Lloyd October 11, 2022

I was trying to plan an outing with a friend I’d not seen in a while. But when I looked at my calendar, I realized that my next window wasn’t for another month. “I’m really sorry,” I said…

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Why Slowing Down Increases the Quality of Your Life

By Joanie Marx August 29, 2022

How many times have you found yourself feeling weighed down with an unexpected life crisis that involved your health, finances, relationships, and even the state of the world? What if I said a life crisis can be avoided, stress relieved, and the overall quality…

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The Essence of Being Authentically Visible

By Michelle Vandepas July 26, 2022

How can we not be authentic? We are who we are. If, somehow, we are not showing our true selves, isn’t that who we are being? This is exactly who we are, in this place and in this time right now. Previously, I had never understood what it meant to be authentic…

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