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5 Books to Read in May and Early June (VIDEO)

By Pam Lamp May 19, 2022

When my kids were younger, the month of May was crazy busy. Baseball games, graduations, and school calendars crammed with year-end events. Nowadays, I love May’s quiet, longer days. Dinners on the patio with farm stand produce….

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A Roundup of Great Books to Read

By Pam Lamp April 20, 2022

I’ve read some good books this month. If you celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, you may find one on this list to gift. Or hint for someone to give you! This roundup includes a mix of genres – fiction, historical fiction, mystery, non-fiction…

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Fly Into Spring with These 6 Books

By Pam Lamp March 23, 2022

Our world is opening, and people are traveling again. Some may choose to hop on a plane, train, or bus and explore new territory. Others might decide to stay home, pour a cup of tea, and plop on the couch. Because, whether we want to visit…

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Five Books to Kick Off 2022

By Pam Lamp December 31, 2021

Many of my friends make book-reading resolutions each year. They might set up a personal Reading Challenge on Goodreads, a free book recommendation site. Bookworms decide how many books they’d like to read in the next 365…

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Are Your Cookbooks Like Candy?

By Leslie Brunker December 26, 2021

What do you think about your cookbook collection? Do you love it? How often do you use your cookbooks? Or are they just for show, taking up valuable space on your kitchen shelves? Here’s how I think of my cookbooks… they’re like candy…

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My Favourite Books Of 2022

By Angela Jackson December 21, 2021

As a writer, I am a constant reader… even though all my posts so far have been TV and female icon forward. To balance that, here are three books that will transport and delight you – as all the best ones do. In a slow reading year – only two books a week…

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Books for Everyone on Your Holiday List

By Pam Lamp November 23, 2021

Don’t most of us love to receive books? How much fun is it to unwrap a cookbook we wouldn’t think of buying for ourselves? Or flip through the novel we’ve heard so much about? Or snuggle with a grandchild as we share a picture book?

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4 Books for Lazy Autumn Nights (VIDEO)

By Pam Lamp October 29, 2021

In a recent conversation, a friend raved about a movie she’d seen. “I laughed the whole way through. You will love it,” she said. But I didn’t. The experience was like reading the list of Academy Award nominations, rushing to watch an acclaimed movie…

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Five Books to Welcome Autumn

By Pam Lamp September 24, 2021

As summer ends and kids head back to school, I remember the days when I’d prepare for my new grade. I loved covering my textbooks with brown paper, organizing my pencil case, arranging outfit combinations, and labeling my folders and notebooks….

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The Holiday Dilemma: What to Gift Your Grandchildren? Books of Course!

By Eve Panzer September 23, 2021

If you aren’t sure which books your grandchildren might enjoy, take this opportunity to interact with each of them. Learn what their present interests are and what type/genre of books they read. Selecting books for your grandchildren may seem…

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