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5 Steps to Sell Your Business

By Steve Juetten February 27, 2024

It may not have been on your mind the day you started your business, but one day you’ll exit it. If you’re at the point in your business life-cycle where you’re starting to think about an exit, selling a business may seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be…

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Travel Business Attire for Women Over 50

By Sandra Roussy February 15, 2024

As a seasoned traveler over 50, your frequent business trips demand a wardrobe that effortlessly blends sophistication and comfort. Navigating the realm of travel business attire becomes an art, where your experience meets expression…

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Is It Possible to Brand My Small Business?

By Lily Temmer January 07, 2024

These days, branding is a word that is bandied about freely. Everyone, from celebrities to wanna-be influencers, is trying to brand themselves or their business. You may be thinking, that’s okay for famous people or big businesses but what about…

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10 Non-Girly Business Ideas for Women

By Kim Neumann December 18, 2023

If you consider yourself a non-girly soul, you might be looking for business ideas that are more than just about the money. Or what’s trendy. Or that require you being chained to a computer all day long, when instead you could be mastering…

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Starting a Business (or Side Hustle) from the Inside Out

By Kim Neumann October 23, 2023

Can your new business be a source of income and joy? A space for your values, talents and creativity to shine? I’m a firm believer in doing what you love. Especially when it comes to starting a business (or side hustle). After all, time is precious…

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11 Essential Things to Consider Before Starting a Business in Your 60s

By Douglas Winslow Cooper October 17, 2023

Many people hope to own their own business, but very few do. In addition, women around the world are hesitant to become entrepreneurs because they feel they lack confidence and resources. A successful European…

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Navigating Late-Life Divorce: Insights for Business-Owning Couples

By Brian Joslyn October 04, 2023

In the realm of divorce, where most states follow the principle of equitable distribution of property, older individuals facing the complexities of gray divorce often find themselves grappling with fear and confusion. This uncertainty primarily stems…

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Would You Set Up a New Business in Your 60s?

By Anne Crowther August 24, 2023

Our parents were usually ready for retirement as they reached their 60s. Our generation, however, seems intent on living life to the fullest – and even setting up new business ventures! Those of us who have done exactly…

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5 Things NOT to Do When Starting a Business After 60

By Carol Cassara August 14, 2023

Despite my long career in business, I suffered a major case of entrepreneurial amnesia. All the good advice I gave clients during my 35-year business career flew out the window when I started my own business. Let me prevent you…

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7 Home Business Ideas for Food Lovers

By David Lukic August 08, 2023

There are people who thrive on takeout and then there are gourmands. If you have a passion for trying out new cuisines, dabbling in the kitchen, and producing works of culinary art, you have the option of using your hobby to your advantage…

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