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How to Survive a Marriage: Humor Is Cheaper than Divorce After 60

By Susan Goldfein May 30, 2022

When I was a young married person, I would sometimes find myself in the company of an older married couple who had been together for a very long time. It was impossible not to notice that they would frequently disagree over the most unimportant…

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Divorce After 50: How to Kick Loneliness to the Curb

By Martha Bodyfelt May 12, 2022

When you are recovering from divorce after a long-term marriage, loneliness is definitely an obstacle that keeps you from moving on. We get stuck in this mindset because it makes us feel like we have nobody in the world. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

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Dealing with Divorce Regret After 50? Here’s What to Do!

By Martha Bodyfelt April 25, 2022

Does this ever happen to you? There you are, going along with your day, minding your own business and it hits you. The whiny, super-annoying feeling that tells you that no matter what you did during your marriage, it just wasn’t good enough…

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What Covid Is Teaching Me About Divorce Recovery

By Martha Bodyfelt April 01, 2022

I’m writing to you three weeks into coming down with Covid, and although I’m getting better day by day, I’m still not myself. The coughing won’t stop. Despite a good night’s sleep, I’m still pretty tired most of the day. And there’s still this annoying nose…

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3 Steps to Finding Happiness After a Divorce After 50

By Martha Bodyfelt March 23, 2022

You’ve probably done something like this, too: Relying on external factors to make you happy after a decades-long marriage. This can sabotage your ability to move on and recover from divorce. Discovering happiness is not easy. But we will go nowhere…

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Divorce After 60

By Martha Bodyfelt February 24, 2022

For months, even years, I knew that my marriage was crumbling. Yet, I lied to myself, telling myself a million things that would somehow justify the reasons why I should stay in the marriage. The main one dealt with time. If you are doing the same, embrace…

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Choosing Your Divorce Battles After 50

By Martha Bodyfelt February 14, 2022

When fighting through a divorce after 50, it’s normal to feel like you are getting dragged through the mud for months – even years – wondering if frustration and stress will ever end. Even after the divorce papers have been signed, hurt feelings may remain…

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How to Make Your Dreams a Reality After Midlife Divorce

By Martha Bodyfelt January 30, 2022

At the end of January/early February, you may be feeling one of five ways as a divorced woman. Take your pick! #1: Hopeful, because the New Year always presents a clean slate and a chance to start over. #2: Slightly depressed because it’s now back…

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The Divorced 50+ Doormat: 3 Ugly Truths That Probably Apply to You

By Martha Bodyfelt January 21, 2022

It happens all the damn time and you’re probably not even aware of it. Or you are aware of it, but you’ve just accepted it as a way of life. Your boss just ‘assumes’ you’re going to work late… even though you already made plans…

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7 Considerations When Getting a Divorce Later in Life

By Jennifer Thompson January 10, 2022

Susan and David, in their 60s, had a tumultuous marriage that lasted for 40 years. They faced more than their share of challenges. Building a new business in a new country when they arrived in the US as newlyweds was one of them. While the business…

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