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5 Ways to Downsize Without Becoming a Small Person

By Ginny McReynolds July 30, 2022

“Much of what we acquire in life isn’t worth dragging to the next leg of our journey,” writes Gina Greenlee in Postcards and Pearls: Life Lessons from Solo Moments on the Road. “Travel light,” she adds. “You will be better equipped to travel far…” 

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What Do You Do When You Want to Downsize – But Your Spouse Doesn’t?

By Rita Wilkins December 31, 2021

As an interior designer for the past 35 years, I have had the opportunity to help baby boomers design their first, second and even third homes, their beach houses, mountain retreats, and country cottages…

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Downsized? How to Decorate Your New Smaller Home for the Holidays

By Rita Wilkins December 03, 2021

At this stage of life, you’re looking forward to a simpler lifestyle with less clutter, more freedom, new friends, and new memories. Your kids are now grown and have left the nest. You might be single, widowed, or a couple. No matter what, holidays…

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Downsize Your Possessions – Your Way

By Rosanne Ullman November 26, 2021

The colonial furniture had made its way from my childhood bedroom to my first apartment and my next four places of residence, but now that I was downsizing and leaving my home of 36 years, it was time to say goodbye. In Marie Kondo fashion…

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How to Convince Your Spouse to Downsize

By Coles Carangian August 18, 2021

If you knew Gayle and Marc, you would think that it was entirely Marc’s idea for them to move into a cottage home. For years, Marc led a fairly frugal life. He carried the same briefcase to work. He had the same lunch with leftovers from the previous night…

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How to Find Acceptance in Friends and Family When Deciding to Downsize

By Coles Carangian May 18, 2021

As someone working with people in transition, I meet a lot of interesting women. Amanda is one of them. A wonderful, professional woman approaching 60, Amanda had her mind made up. After spending several months carefully considering…

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How Do You Know When it’s Time to Downsize Your Life?

By Sherry Bronson February 02, 2021

There’s only one good answer to the question of when to downsize – before you have to. As we age, the psychological benefits of choice increase and the opportunities to choose decrease. Things happen to us that are beyond our control…

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How Do You Know You Have Just Enough? The Secret to Staying Downsized

By Sara Hart April 28, 2020

You’ve gone through the incredibly hard process of downsizing your house to a smaller place – maybe a much smaller place. You’ve moved, organized things, and figured out just where to put everything you took with you. Read More

Already Downsized? Learn How to Buy Without Adding Clutter to Your Life

By Elizabeth Dunkel January 09, 2020

If I read one more article about downsizing and decluttering, I think I’ll scream. At first it was refreshingly liberating, this KonMari method of asking, “Does this item bring me joy?” – yes, you’re in; no you’re out. Boom!

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Downsize and Declutter to Find Freedom and Happiness after 60

By Sixty and Me August 25, 2019

Does it ever feel like the stuff in your life is… well… taking over your life? Do you want to start decluttering or even downsizing, but, you don’t know where to start? Then, today’s video is for you! In this morning’s video, I want to share some tips for how to get control of your […]

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