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Lesson 19 – Remember the Count-Off!

By Gaili Schoen September 27, 2023

In music, we generally “count off” or “count down” a measure or two before we start playing to establish the tempo internally. When we play in bands, ensembles or orchestras we always count off a measure or two to make sure that everyone starts together…

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Lesson 18 – Touchstones and Treble A

By Gaili Schoen September 13, 2023

If I make an agreement with myself that I get to have my morning matcha AFTER I have practiced my piano for 20 minutes, I will be more likely to get my practice in, and it will be sooner rather than later, because I don’t like to have caffeinated drinks after noon…

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Lesson 17 – Elder Einstein, Punctual Postie, and Dashing Dora Teach Tempo!

By Gaili Schoen August 30, 2023

Tempo markings tell us how fast or slow to play a piece. Tempo is another way we add expression to our playing; playing slowly, or at a medium walking tempo, or at a quick, lively speed definitely affects the emotion of the music…

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Lesson 16 – Reading and Playing Dotted Notes

By Gaili Schoen August 16, 2023

I love reading about strategies that explain how we can turn our goals into habits, because I know that once we form a habit we are more likely to stick with it, and I have several activities for which I want to improve my skills…

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Lesson 15 – Play and Hydrate!

By Gaili Schoen August 02, 2023

I had a dear student fall backwards off the bench at our piano lesson, and it was terrifying for both of us. I was afraid that he was having a stroke, but it turned out that he was simply dehydrated. He had to be hospitalized for a couple days until he stabilized…

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Lesson 14 – A New Note: Bashful Bluebird B, and a Posture Check

By Gaili Schoen July 19, 2023

It’s super important to maintain good posture at the piano. Hiking up your shoulders or hunching your back over the keys can cause neck, back and shoulder pain, so you want to keep your shoulders relaxed, your back straight, and your elbows slightly…

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Lesson 13: Random Notes, a Drinking Song, and Piano Puzzling!

By Gaili Schoen July 05, 2023

It is lucky Lesson 13, and we are going to continue learning the Bass notes C, D, E, F and G this week. Sometimes our ears help us to remember melodies so that we are not practicing our reading skills as much. This week we will be playing random…

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Piano Lesson 12: Dessert D

By Gaili Schoen June 21, 2023

It is the first day of summer as I am posting this in the USA, woohoo! I hope that you are warm and safe wherever you are, and you are enjoying playing music on your piano or keyboard. I think music makes everything a bit better, don’t you?

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By Gaili Schoen June 07, 2023

Many of you report to me that you are taking your lessons more slowly than I am posting them, and that is great, and completely expected! There is no set timeline for your learning as long as you are able to maintain consistent practice…

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Lesson 10 WALTZ WEEK!

By Gaili Schoen May 24, 2023

It’s WALTZ WEEK for our Sixty and Me Piano Lessons! This week we will be playing three Waltzes on p. 39-40 in Upper Hands Piano, BOOK 1. Waltzes are pieces written in a ¾ Time Signature (which means 3 beats per measure) that are played…

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