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Best Affordable Hearing Aids

By  •  February 1, 2021

Hearing aids can dramatically improve a person’s quality of life by allowing them to interact with friends and family members better. However, one cannot ignore the fact that they are …
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Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids Review

By  •  January 27, 2021

Phonak is one of the most widely respected hearing aid manufacturers in the world. This brand understands that hearing loss can negatively impact a person’s quality of life. And, because …
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Oticon Hearing Aids Review

By  •  January 25, 2021

Oticon is a Danish company that is at the forefront of introducing new technologies into the hearing aid industry. Oticon recognizes that hearing is about more than the human ear. …
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Costco/Kirkland Hearing Aids Review

By  •  January 20, 2021

Many people use Costco as their go-to shopping destination for low-cost groceries and bulk supplies at home. But, Costco offers a far more comprehensive range of products than just groceries. …
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Starkey Hearing Aids Review

By  •  January 18, 2021

Starkey: A Market Leader

Starkey is one of the most established hearing aid manufacturers in the United States. Because of its long history, many consumers trust Starkey and its wide …
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Beltone Hearing Aids Review

By  •  January 17, 2021

Beltone is a company that has a long track record of helping people with hearing challenges. It has been in operation since 1940, and there are thousands of satisfied customers. …
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Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

By  •  January 6, 2021

Many older Americans with moderate to significant hearing loss are interested in this question: Does Medicare cover the cost of hearing aids? The answer to this question is even more …
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Best Invisible Hearing Aids 2021

By  •  January 3, 2021

Hearing aids are an essential tool that restores the quality of life for millions of Americans with varying degrees of hearing loss. Even though hearing aids are a tool, they …
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Best Hearing Aids 2021

By  •  January 2, 2021

Buying hearing aids can be a challenging process. The market is flooded with options with vastly different features and varied price points. As a result, trying to pick out which …
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Best Over The Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids

By  •  December 30, 2020

The Realities of Hearing Aids 

A growing number of Americans need hearing aids to cover a wide range of hearing loss that negatively impacts their quality of life. But, for …
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