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Exploring Baba Yaga: A New Home Sharing Trend for Older Adults

By Helene Hayes September 04, 2017

Have you found, as I have, that at dinner with friends if the discussion moves to future living plans, somebody will suggest – to great laughter and applause – that we all move into a big house together. Read More

5 Surprising Benefits of Homesharing

By Riley Gibson June 10, 2021

A couple months back, I had an enlightening conversation with Melanie, a 63-year-old in central California who had decided to give homesharing a try. Melanie had an interesting account of her path to homesharing. She explained to me that she’d been working…

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Homesharing Can Be a Financial and Social Lifeline – Here’s How to Do It Smartly Amid Covid-19

By Riley Gibson April 19, 2021

On top of upending the nation’s health system, the pandemic has had reverberating effects on where and how people live. This is particularly true among older adults, who rightfully have heightened health concerns and are reluctant to enter into – or remain in – retirement communities and assisted-living facilities where the spread of Covid-19 is […]

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Why Sharing a Home is Often an Excellent Downsizing Strategy for Seniors

By Karen Venable January 26, 2017

Who doesn’t remember the “bigger is better” philosophy of the 70s and 80s? These days it seems America’s gotten wise, or at least more conservative when it comes to financial and resource waste – hence our shrinking cars and soda pop cans…

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Building on Experience and Sharing – Happy Birthday and Happy 100, Betty Reid Soskin

By Mary Lou Harris October 06, 2021

Photo credit: Luther Bailey/National Park Service The articles I have recently read about Betty Reid Soskin put me in mind of Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day with the closing lines: Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Soskin, throughout her life, seems to have understood […]

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The Odd Experience of Unexpectedly Moving to a New Home

By Ilene Mitnick May 28, 2021

Moving is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 most stressful things in life. In the past seven years, we have moved three times. That’s a lot of hours x weeks and months devoted to planning, packing and pining over personal wares that found…

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4 Helpful Tips for Sharing a Bed After 60

By Barbara Klein April 08, 2021

I am lucky enough to live with a loved one – nothing to be taken for granted as we age. Additionally, we still share a bed. Problem is, as you get older, comfort during your sleep time seems increasingly vital. As a result, sharing a bed can be both a blessing…

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How to Make Money in Retirement by Sharing Your Passion for Health

By Lynda Goldman April 04, 2021

For most of my life I’ve been unemployable. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had jobs. I was a college language teacher for many years. That led to an opportunity to write textbooks – and I found that I loved the creativity of writing…

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Sharing Your Secrets Could Save You Time, Money and More!

By Suzanne Mulligan-Born January 15, 2021

Several years ago, my husband and I visited an old friend who had not been well. We were shocked to see that his health had deteriorated quite quickly with cancer, heart disease, and early onset Alzheimer’s – all at the age of 60…

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Hygge is More than Just a Cozy Home! Get More from this Wonderful Concept After 60

By Tamera Layton Grieshaber January 06, 2021

This beautiful Danish concept has become quite commercialized, so that as soon as we hear the word hygge (pronounced hooguh), our mind jumps to bulky sweaters, crackling fires and hot chocolate (or mulled wine)…

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