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The Best Part of Journaling: Bearing Witness to Your Life

By Elena Karplus April 18, 2024

It was my father who encouraged me to “write about it” when he gave me that first pink and turquoise diary when I was 10 years old. You know the kind, the ones with a little lock and key that hold a young girl’s many secrets. Diaries were simpler then…

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What’s the Real Deal with Reflection Journaling?

By Leslie Moon February 28, 2024

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve journaled. At eight and nine years old, it was a pretty pink diary with a lock and key that I would fill with my thoughts and poems and then replace with a new diary when it became full…

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Dreaming of Your Next Big Trip? Get Ready with a Travel Journal

By Linda Wisniewski February 23, 2024

As we ease out of winter – at last! – I’m dreaming of travel. Maybe you are too? Whether far away or close to home, we can add to the experience by keeping a travel journal. Even if you never read it again, writing while far from home can help us more deeply…

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Journaling Your Way to Self-Love (VIDEO)

By Joanie Marx February 22, 2024

When was the last time you wrote yourself a love letter? When was the last time you lovingly looked upon yourself in a mirror and spoke positively to yourself? For some, the answer could be as recent as this morning. For many women over 60…

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Keeping a Makeup Journal – What Can You Learn That You Didn’t Know?

By Penelope Jane Whiteley December 26, 2023

We don’t usually associate keeping a journal with our beauty products. Neither skin care or makeup. I have certainly never done so, but in review, it seems to be a good idea. No more buying something that gives you a rash…

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7 Best Travel Journals for Women Over 50

By Sandra Roussy December 08, 2023

Whether you’re setting out on a solo trip, planning a romantic getaway with your partner, or going on unforgettable adventures with friends, one thing is for sure: capturing these moments is essential. That’s where travel journals come into play…

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Why Keeping an Eating Journal Is Key for Permanent Weight Loss

By Shari Broder October 28, 2023

Do you keep a record of what you eat? Why would anyone want to bother to keep an eating journal each day? If you want to keep your weight down but still enjoy the foods you love and stay off the diet hamster wheel…

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Private Life: Should Your Kids Read Your Journals When You’re Gone?

By Candy Leonard October 12, 2023

My friend’s mother died after a sudden stroke, and among her belongings he and his siblings discovered volumes of journals, going back 40 years. They started reading through these family artifacts and learned a lot…

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Do You Journal? 7 Reasons Why You Should!

By Janet Gourand August 18, 2023

I’ve been journaling since I was a grumpy teenager. It all started when I received a Christmas present of a 5-Year Diary. I was underwhelmed until I noticed that it had a lock with a little golden key. That lock inspired me to start writing…

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12 Creative Journaling Ideas

By Lynn Huggins-Cooper May 28, 2023

Do you keep a journal? People journal for many reasons: to organise themselves, to process ideas and reflect upon their life, to keep a record of travels and activities, or to enhance their wellbeing…

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