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The Power of Positive Thinking: Why Women Over 60 Need to Think Positively

By Margaret Manning June 20, 2013

Women over 60 are entering a new chapter of life. We have lived and loved and recovered from heartbreak and loss, we have strived in the career arena and tended the home fires and (often) nurtured children and cared for aging parents of our own. And as we get older, because of all that we have experienced and surmounted during our lives, many women over 60 find themselves feeling more optimistic about life than ever before. Read More

How Positive Financial Thinking Can Help You to Get More from Retirement

By Danielle Howard September 11, 2021

We miss the profound depth to financial thriving when we focus solely on getting better rates of return, maximizing Social Security, mitigating risk, diversifying assets or addressing draw down rates – the traditional talk of financial advisors…

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Discard Negative Thoughts that Sabotage Your Life – Embrace a Positive Mindset Instead!

By Noelle Nelson May 22, 2022

The dictionary defines sabotage as an attempt to deliberately destroy, damage, or otherwise obstruct something. When we sabotage ourselves, it’s often sneaky and can go virtually un-detected until we realize…

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5 Ways to Create Lasting Positive Change in Your Life After 60

By Joan Frances Moran April 27, 2022

What is your usual go-to attitude when something adverse happens to you? How do you respond when it’s time to make difficult changes in your life, when it’s time to forgive a friend, or when it’s time to take responsibility for a mess you didn’t create?

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60, Estranged, and Stuck in Negative Thinking? Three Keys to Moving Forward

By Marie Morin April 19, 2022

Estrangement is a depressing affair. Chronic stress, grief, uncertainty, and negative thoughts are involved in this widespread condition. 27 percent of estranged individuals, emotionally or physically separated from one or more family members…

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How to Use Change for Positive Growth in Your Art and Life After 60

By Malcolm Dewey November 07, 2021

They say that there are three chronic types of fear: the fear of failure, fear of success and fear of change. Which one do you relate to? Studies suggest that the greatest fear out of these three is the fear of change. I have to agree based on…

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When Overthinking Leads to Doing Nothing After 50

By Leslie Moon October 28, 2021

Although many of us women after 50 continue to juggle life’s roles and are content doing so, we find ourselves reflecting on what we might want to do for ourselves as we move forward in our next phase of life. All of the women with whom I work, have expressed…

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How to Have Positive Conversations with Elderly Parents

By Susanne White October 28, 2021

I was recently thinking about the first conversation I had with my Mom about how I could pitch in and help her out more. At the time, I wasn’t sure what that meant – and I most certainly didn’t know how to have such an important and serious discussion…

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Reach Higher: A Four-Step Process to Facilitate Positive Change

By T. Kari Mitchell October 01, 2021

Initiating positive pivots can be challenging and requires commitment and planning. Has the pandemic caused you to make shifts in your daily habits? How’s it going? Changes that have staying power are the ones we have personally invested in…

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Can Positive Affirmations Help Us with Body Image and Weight Loss After 60?

By Karen Donaldson September 24, 2021

Most of us have heard about using positive affirmations. But are they really effective? And can they really help with weight loss? Consider this: Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation – even the negative stuff…

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