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The Power of Positive Thinking: Why Women Over 60 Need to Think Positively

By Margaret Manning June 20, 2013

Women over 60 are entering a new chapter of life. We have lived and loved and recovered from heartbreak and loss, we have strived in the career arena and tended the home fires and (often) nurtured children and cared for aging parents of our own. And as we get older, because of all that we have experienced and surmounted during our lives, many women over 60 find themselves feeling more optimistic about life than ever before. Read More

How Positive Financial Thinking Can Help You to Get More from Retirement

By Danielle Howard September 11, 2021

We miss the profound depth to financial thriving when we focus solely on getting better rates of return, maximizing Social Security, mitigating risk, diversifying assets or addressing draw down rates – the traditional talk of financial advisors…

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Moving to New Home Later in Life: Thinking It Through

By Peter Keers May 06, 2023

We all come to a stage in life when we ponder the possibility of moving to a new home. However, before committing to such a big step, consider what is driving this idea. How many of us, during our working years, have dreamed of living…

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What Is the State of Your Positive Intelligence?

By Marie Burns March 10, 2023

You have likely heard of IQ (Intelligence Quotient, a test measuring intelligence relative to others) or EQ (Emotional Quotient, a measurement of the ability to identify and manage your emotions and the emotions of others). But have you heard of PQ?

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Turning Thoughts into Positive Sound Bites

By Marie Burns February 21, 2023

One of the most fascinating analogies I read in the past few years that truly helped me to understand the importance of something is that sleep is like a dishwasher cycle in our brain. If we interrupt it or cut it short or stop and start it…

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4 Positive Ways to Deal with Loneliness Over the Holidays

By Karen Venable December 05, 2022

We can be sailing along just fine – independent, self-contained, pursuing our own interests, plenty of friends, regular contact with family members, and then boom! – the holidays come upon us and we feel like our ship starts to sink…

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60-Plus and Body Positive: The New Motto of This Boomer Woman

By Jude Walsh November 22, 2022

Most women our age can readily tell you which part of their body they are most self-conscious about or feel is their least attractive. For years we were deluged with stories, articles, and advice about how to fix whatever was wrong…

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Surviving a Divorce After 50 Teaches Some Surprisingly Positive Lessons

By Martha Bodyfelt August 31, 2022

The process of ending a marriage, especially a decades-long one, can definitely shake up your life in all aspects. From the financial to the emotional, there are many unexpected good lessons that divorce in later-life…

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Discard Negative Thoughts that Sabotage Your Life – Embrace a Positive Mindset Instead!

By Noelle Nelson May 22, 2022

The dictionary defines sabotage as an attempt to deliberately destroy, damage, or otherwise obstruct something. When we sabotage ourselves, it’s often sneaky and can go virtually un-detected until we realize…

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5 Ways to Create Lasting Positive Change in Your Life After 60

By Joan Frances Moran April 27, 2022

What is your usual go-to attitude when something adverse happens to you? How do you respond when it’s time to make difficult changes in your life, when it’s time to forgive a friend, or when it’s time to take responsibility for a mess you didn’t create?

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