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What We Need to Know About Posture and Osteoporosis Exercise After 60 (VIDEO)

By Sarah Purcell August 29, 2023

I often get asked about posture and osteoporosis exercises when we’re past menopause. Of course, things are highly individual when it comes to lifting weights or correcting your posture. Here are my answers to many burning questions…

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Lesson 14 – A New Note: Bashful Bluebird B, and a Posture Check

By Gaili Schoen July 19, 2023

It’s super important to maintain good posture at the piano. Hiking up your shoulders or hunching your back over the keys can cause neck, back and shoulder pain, so you want to keep your shoulders relaxed, your back straight, and your elbows slightly…

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3 Supreme Rules for Ideal Computer Posture After 60

By Joan Craig October 23, 2022

Do you feel stiff after working on your computer? Do you find yourself slumping, hunching, and with forward head posture trying to look at the screen? Are you looking for ways to do what you need to do on the computer…

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Is It Possible to Fix the Hunched Posture That Affects Women Over 60?

By Joan Craig July 18, 2022

Do you ever catch your reflection in the mirror or a glass door and think, “Is that me? And when did I get that hunch?” You might notice that you are stiff or stooped over when you get out of a chair or out of the car, or you might notice…

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4 Natural Movements to Improve Posture and Feel Stronger

By Catherine Stifter April 13, 2022

Everyone has heard that we all need exercise to prevent serious illnesses like heart disease and stroke. But even with the best of intentions it’s not easy to carve out the time for it. What if there was a different approach to staying healthy…

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7 Effective Stretches to Improve Your Posture

By Lex Gonzales January 25, 2022

Do you feel like your posture is not what it used to be? You may have forgotten how good it feels to stand tall and straight. Moreover, did you know that bad posture can lead to a host of health problems? Poor posture can cause back pain…

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Walking Well: Check Your Posture to Feel More Confident Walking (VIDEO)

By Claudine Aherne December 14, 2021

When we have difficulties with our balance, this can really affect our walking. We start to worry about keeping steady and lose the enjoyment of walking. In the last 15 years as a specialist exercise instructor, I’ve helped…

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Don’t Ignore Your Posture! 5 Ways to Get Your Healthy Back Back

By Jessica Hegg October 29, 2021

Especially in your 60s, with the weight of becoming a ‘senior’ bearing down a life of working and raising a family at a plateau, your back can buckle under the pressure. Bad posture doesn’t just simply look bad, though…

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The Surprising Benefits of Good Posture for Your Mood and Your Bones

By Vivian Goldschmidt March 10, 2021

As children, we were often reminded of the importance of good posture. Our parents told us to sit up straight at the dinner table, and our teachers asked us to stop slouching at our desks. But, for many reasons, as we age our posture typically…

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Pilates for Back Pain Relief: Pilates Classes for a Stronger Spine

By Christine Kirkland September 08, 2023

As we gracefully navigate through the golden years of life, one thing becomes increasingly important: maintaining a strong and healthy body. For many of us, back pain can become an unfortunate companion that hinders daily activities and limits…

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