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“But I Thought We Were Friends” – Good Boundaries Make for Good Relationships

By Valarie Cascadden May 16, 2023

I’ll bet you’ve heard this plea a number of times in your life. In fact, I bet that you’ve heard it recently, even though you are in the “senior” part of your life. Of course, not everyone uses these exact words. But, have you heard something close to one…

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Can You Keep Old Relationships from Ruining New Ones?

By Donna Marie Todd April 04, 2023

By the time you’re over 60, you’ve had at least one, maybe more, significant love relationships. If you’re reading this article, chances are good that you’re single now. It’s a fact: Love brings both good and bad to our lives. Being in love is the most exciting feeling…

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5 Tips for Lasting Relationships

By Andrea McGinty March 23, 2023

I woke up this morning thinking about relationships – the ebb and flow, but also, how much I appreciate the changes from dating in our 20s to the realities of dating in our 60s. As a dating coach, I am grateful we are in the 2020s vs. the 1990s…

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Do We Have Mature Relationships with Others?

By Alainnah Robertson December 19, 2022

Our relationships with others can make life a delight. If our lives are full of family and friends with whom we have a loving and fulfilling relationship, we have a treasure beyond price. When we’re sad, they can help us lift our spirits…

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Have You Swallowed a Poison Pill in Your Relationships?

By Marie Burns November 09, 2022

Have you ever been so angry or upset with someone and then realized that they either had no idea what upset you OR they acted like they either didn’t care or didn’t notice that you were upset?

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Keeping Score Is for Games and Sports Not Relationships

By Eve Panzer July 29, 2022

Even if you are not super competitive, we all like to be correct/win – especially when it comes to people closest to us like our family/partners. Wanting to be right can extend to almost any aspect of our lives – some significant, but many times trivial…

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Irritable Male Syndrome and Other Changes in Relationships As We Age

By Paula Usrey July 18, 2022

Just between you and me, I’ve secretly been worried that my significant other and I will get on each other’s nerves after I retire. I wasn’t planning on sharing this with anyone until last week. Last Saturday, while ordering a bite…

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How Much Is Too Much? The Truth About Age Difference and Relationships

By Sandra McMahon June 10, 2022

Do you see yourself with a toy-boy, or maybe you prefer a father figure image? What is the truth about age difference in relationships? Does it really matter, and how could it affect you? Let’s explore the issues.
In over 20 years as a matchmaker…

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3 Phrases You Can Use to Form Strong Relationships After 60

By Michele Meier Vosberg May 01, 2022

Research is clear that if we want to stay healthy and to thrive we need to develop and maintain strong relationships. According to the Mayo Clinic, adults with strong relationships live longer than their peers who have less vital relationships…

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Unconventional Retirement Advice: 4 Steps to Transform Your Career, Relationships and Life After 60

By Susan K Spaulding April 15, 2022

For many people retirement is about finding a new adventure, career or passion. However, even for successful professionals, starting over is a massive challenge. Especially since retirement may mean leaving behind a title, connections…

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