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What Is Skip-Gen Travel and Why Is It Trending?

By Cynthia Hogg July 10, 2021

The definition of skip-gen travel is simple: grandparents traveling with grandkids without the parents along (i.e., skipping the “middle” generation). Why is it becoming so popular? That’s simple, too: it’s the perfect win-win-win situation!

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Yes, You Can! Skip-Gen Travel for Full-Time Caregivers

By Cynthia Hogg June 27, 2021

Many people assume travel is something you must forego if you are the full-time caregiver for another person. Not so! With a little creativity and willingness to reach out, not only can you take an occasional trip – you must…

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Skipping Across the Great Lakes on a Skip-Gen Trip

By Cynthia Hogg September 13, 2020

This past summer I had a marvelous trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada, planned with my 12-year-old granddaughter – which COVID totally torpedoed, of course. As I worked my way through Plans B, C, and D, all the time…

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5 Tips for Skip-Gen Travel in the Age of Covid-19

By Cynthia Hogg August 04, 2020

Perhaps you are a “newbie” to skip-gen travel, and this was the summer you planned to take that first special trip with your grandchild. Or perhaps you are a seasoned skip-gen traveler and were looking forward to another great trip…

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The 7 Personality Traits of Successful Grandparents

By Margaret Manning September 02, 2021

Today’s women over 60 are looking for new ways to fulfill the role of grandparents by providing the right blend of support and independence and helping our grandkids grow up with a positive, influential family presence around them…

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All Aboard! The 5 Things I Absolutely Love About Train Travel

By Cynthia Hogg August 30, 2021

I love train travel. I think it’s in my blood. My grandfather was a depot agent in the small town of Douglass, Kansas, so my father grew up around trains. While I did not, the sound of a train whistle in the distance still stirs a sense of excitement in me…

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It’s Time for Choosing Another Type of Vacation

By Sue Rudolph August 11, 2021

Over-tourism has threatened the very environment you saw as so relaxing on your first trip. That white sandy beach is littered with plastic from straws, water bottles, and other non-disposable plastics that have filled the ocean. That coral reef has been bleached…

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Is It Time to Plan a Family Legacy Trip?

By Cynthia Hogg July 30, 2021

A family legacy trip is any trip you take with your grandchildren that shares and builds a sense of family history with them. Ideally, it’s a skip-gen variety where it is just you and them! Apart from the fun you will have, studies have shown that children…

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