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4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Retired Life When You Feel Stuck

By Marcia Smalley March 18, 2024

Retirement is full of promise. We begin with lists, plans, goals… everything we’ve been waiting to do. And off we go! Then, somewhere along the line, we stall. Or we plateau. Boxes have been checked off. Goals have been met. Inertia sets in…

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Feeling Stuck? Unlock the Answers Within

By Sherry Bronson February 25, 2024

I collect magazines. It doesn’t matter how old or out of date they are, as long as they have pictures, they work for me. Friends know about my penchant and pass on their publications when they’ve finished with them. I’ve amassed a stunning variety…

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How to Cope When Estrangement Has You Stuck

By Marie Morin December 20, 2023

Estrangement from loved ones can be an incredibly challenging and emotionally taxing experience. Whether it’s a temporary disagreement or a prolonged separation, the pain of estrangement can leave you feeling stuck and overwhelmed…

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How to Stop Worrying When You Feel Stuck

By Jane Kennard November 11, 2023

When you are having anxiety or you are worrying excessively, days and nights become fretful and wearisome. Chaotic thoughts and feelings disrupt any sense of calm or hope. Staying preoccupied and distracted creates frustration and overwhelm…

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Stuck in a Groove? We’ve Been Primed to Create!

By Renee Langmuir October 08, 2023

I have a confession to make. Writing this essay was painless. I did not have to cloister myself in a cabin in the woods, empty my calendar of obligations, or stay up all night. As a retirement writer, the ideas for most of my pieces…

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Are You Stuck in the Remorse Phase After Divorce?

By Donna McGoff January 24, 2023

The Road Through Recovery after divorce starts with pinpointing exactly where we are “stuck” or “in pain.” There are five phases within it. It is a cycle of feelings we experience in the divorce recovery process. You may be stuck in the Rejection phase…

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Is Renegotiation Keeping You Stuck After Divorce?

By Donna McGoff December 19, 2022

The third phase on the Road Through Recovery after divorce is the Renegotiation Phase. In this phase you may feel desperate to alleviate the pain and willing to do almost anything to lessen it. It’s your way of trying to postpone the inevitable…

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Is Resentment Keeping You Stuck After Divorce?

By Donna McGoff November 16, 2022

There is a five-phase cycle to divorce recovery of feelings and emotions that you may experience after your transition through divorce. It’s called the Road Through Recovery. Some women feel “stuck” or “in pain” in one of the phases…

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Are You “Stuck” in the Rejection Phase on the Road Through Recovery After Divorce?

By Donna McGoff November 04, 2022

When I was faced with the difficulty of creating a new, purposeful life after divorce, I tried different options, struggling to find one that would achieve my goals. As an older woman, I faced specific challenges not experienced by my younger counterparts…

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60, Estranged, and Stuck in Negative Thinking? Three Keys to Moving Forward

By Marie Morin April 19, 2022

Estrangement is a depressing affair. Chronic stress, grief, uncertainty, and negative thoughts are involved in this widespread condition. 27 percent of estranged individuals, emotionally or physically separated from one or more family members…

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