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Another Reason to Add Vitamin D to your Health Arsenal

By Joy Stephenson-Laws January 17, 2021

Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin” since our bodies naturally produce it when we are exposed to sunlight. It is pretty amazing for its wide variety of health benefits. These include supporting healthy teeth and bones, helping protect us…

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The 2 Most Important Vitamins for Aging Well (You’ve Never Heard of Them!)

By Joan Craig December 04, 2022

You know about Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. I’m sure you do your best to eat a balanced diet of all nutrients. But have you taken your daily dose of Vitamin J and Vitamin P?

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6 Best Vitamins and Supplements for Women Over 60 (# 5 Will Surprise You!)

By Sarah Brewer September 15, 2022

While diet should always come first, there are some supplements that provide additional benefits that can be difficult to obtain from food alone – especially if you are eating less to lose weight, if you have a reduced appetite or are avoiding…

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Your Daily Movement “Vitamins”: Stay Mobile with This Simple Daily Exercise Routine (VIDEO)

By Elaine Economou December 03, 2021

Finding the motivation to exercise daily can be a challenge. When our to-do list and other priorities accumulate, it can leave us vulnerable to neglecting our fitness routine. We tell ourselves I don’t have time… Maybe later…

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Multivitamins vs. Individual Supplements – What’s Best for Healthy Aging?

By Sarah Brewer October 25, 2021

An estimated one in two Americans take a vitamin supplement. However, when you’re facing a wall of products, it’s not always easy to know which one to buy. Should you select a multivitamin and mineral, opt for a bespoke blend…

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The Importance of Vitamin C for Older Women… and a Few Problem Signs

By Joy Stephenson-Laws September 20, 2021

For the longest time, I used to associate vitamin C deficiency with scurvy. Maybe this was from watching too many pirate movies when I was younger or my interest in maritime history that came from growing up on an island. For whatever reason…

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Best Multivitamins and Supplements for Women Over 50

By Sixty and Me April 15, 2021

Are you considering adding supplements or a multivitamin to your daily regimen? Even if we eat a balanced diet and take care of ourselves, we may need to supplement with vitamins and minerals as we age. Vitamin deficiencies may creep up…

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These Vitamins and Supplements from QVC Will Help You to Look and Feel Amazing

By Margaret Manning April 26, 2020

Most of us associate QVC with high-quality, yet affordable, fashion, lifestyle and skincare products. But, what you may not know is that they also offer a range of vitamins and supplements. Today, I wanted to share a few…

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Can the Right Nutrients Reduce Your Dementia Risk?

By Joy Stephenson-Laws September 06, 2022

Last year I discussed how vitamin D may provide protection against acute respiratory infections, such as the common cold and pneumonia. It also appears to have powerful immune-boosting properties.  Now, a recent study from Australia…

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4 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Fall – Plus a Favorite Autumn Soup Recipe

By Peg Doyle October 27, 2020

Autumn brings shorter days and longer nights which means less sunshine and warmth. In this season, you have less access to natural Vitamin D though deficiency in this vital nutrient is turning out to be a risk factor for susceptibility…

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