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How I Use My Lazy Gene to Uplevel My Weight Loss Success

By Wendy Irvine February 09, 2024

Let me say right off the bat that there’s nothing special about me (my grandma wasn’t a Rockette and my people never brought home the gold). True to my genetics, I was “well-insulated” for three-plus decades of life. Never reedy, I always looked…

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Sober But Still Not Slim? How to Kickstart Your Weight Loss

By Janet Gourand February 01, 2024

Many of us manage to quit drinking and we feel better than we’ve felt for years. As we regain our health, some of us dream of also regaining our figures. We think fondly back to the shape we were in in our 20s when we only drank socially, before we got…

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“Normal” Eating for Weight Loss

By Robin Ola January 09, 2024

I was talking to a client recently about passing up the breadbasket when she is eating dinner at a restaurant. She said to me, “I just want to be able to eat like normal people.” This really got me thinking – what is normal anyway? Why is bread…

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Have You Heard? There’s a New Cutting Edge Weight Loss Trend

By Wendy Irvine December 31, 2023

I was a roly-poly kid, a squishy teen, and a squashier young adult (ages 18 to 36). Like most of us, I’ve yo-yo’d through a bazillion diets and a million more workouts with the likes of Jane Fonda; Lilias, Yoga and You; and Jazzercise…

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8 Ways to Make Sure Your Weight Loss Journey After 60 Successful

By Julie Dargan November 14, 2023

Have you ever wondered why some women are successful in their weight loss journeys, and why some are not? Or perhaps your friends rave over a program that they love, but you find yourself failing after the first 48 hours…

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Why Keeping an Eating Journal Is Key for Permanent Weight Loss

By Shari Broder October 28, 2023

Do you keep a record of what you eat? Why would anyone want to bother to keep an eating journal each day? If you want to keep your weight down but still enjoy the foods you love and stay off the diet hamster wheel…

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What Are the Benefits of Metabolic Surgery for Weight Loss?

By Kent Sasse July 17, 2023

Weight loss remains a significant concern for millions of individuals worldwide, as obesity continues to pose a threat to both physical and mental health. While lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and pharmacological interventions…

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Weight Loss Surgery Can Be a Valuable Tool

By Kent Sasse May 31, 2023

There is a disconnect between what doctors say about weight loss surgery and what average people say. Doctors, especially those who study the subject, view metabolic surgery as a risk-reduction tool, something that makes life safer…

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How to Create New Eating Habits for Permanent Weight Loss

By Shari Broder March 11, 2023

Are you sick and tired of hopping on and off the diet hamster wheel, but you want to be a comfortable, healthy weight? If you are serious about losing weight, the only way to get permanent results is by changing your eating habits…

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2 Reasons Why “Cheat Days” Are Not a Weight Loss Winning Strategy for Emotional Eaters

By Marion Holt February 10, 2023

When I am on a diet, I live for my cheat days. I fantasize every day, all day long, about the food I am going to splurge on during my next cheat day. I know if I want to reach my goal weight, I’m in for a long period of time. My cheat day allows me to feel less…

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