Christmas can be a time of conflicting emotions. Some people have deep personal associations with the holidays that are just too painful to release – so they reject the holidays all together. Others embrace all the festivities of the season, from bright holiday lights to Christmas trees and New Year parties.

One of the most popular holiday traditions is decorating the Christmas tree. For many families, turning on of the tree lights is a sign that the holiday season has begun.

Even the process of choosing a tree can be a family tradition. Many families hike into the woods to cut down their own fir tree, while others visit Christmas tree farms or their local garden center to find that perfect beautiful decorative tree for their living room.

If you’re tired of sweeping up mountains of dry needles, perhaps you have decided to go with an artificial tree. Ok, sure, it’s not alive, but, it can still be just as fun to decorate! In addition, artificial trees allow you to express your creative side with pink, white or silver options available. The biggest bonus is that you can reuse the tree year after year, without having any impact on the environment.

Whether you choose a real or an artificial tree, the process of decorating the tree with memorable ornaments can be a fun family tradition. Which option will you choose this year?

This Christmas, have you decided to buy a real or an artificial tree? Does decorating the tree have special significance for you and your family? Please let us know in the comments.

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