Deborah's glass beads and jewelry have been sold throughout the world. Her jewelry is in galleries in both Canada and the United States. Work can be viewed on her website Proud of her strong Canadian roots, Deborah and her husband lived overseas for 7 years. They enjoyed extensive travel, experiencing different cultures. She now resides in El Paso, Texas.

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4 months ago

Do You Like a Good Mess? You May Be a Creative Genius!

I’ve often read of the connection between messiness and artists. There is apparently a direct correlation between disorganization and creative thought. More than one study has shown that creative types prefer chaos to order. Messy desks/work spaces promote thinking outside of the box…

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9 months ago

Finding Your Style as an Artist in Your 60s

Many years ago, when I first began to create flame-worked glass beads and jewelry, I worried that as a new artist, I didn’t have a ‘style.’ I needn’t have worried. I’ve since learned that acquiring an artistic style of your own is a natural evolution…

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12 months ago

Is Copying Someone’s Creative Work a Crime or a Compliment?

As a watercolourist and a glass bead artist I’ve been on plenty of art discussion forums over the years. At least once a year the subject of copying comes up, usually because an artist has found that their work has been compromised in some way…

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1 year ago

The Art of Connecting with Your Creative Muse After 60

Anyone in the field of art or design will tell you that there are days when they don’t feel very creative. Even for those who practice art solely for their own pleasure will begin to feel the drag on their life without the joy of “making” in it…

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1 year ago

Illuminating the Age-Old Art of Lampwork

Several years ago, I was visiting my sister in southern British Columbia, Canada. We spent the day in the former mining town of Kimberly, wandering the brick streets now lined with boutiques and shops. In one of those shops I was stopped in my tracks…

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5 years ago

4 Ways to Successfully Work from Home After 60

It’s become very common for the 60+ crowd to finally carve out the time to begin the home business they were afraid to try in their younger years or to monetize a hobby or passion. Very likely, they will be working from home, and as exciting as this is, there are a few things to be wary of. Read More