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2 weeks ago

Practicing Gratitude Doesn’t Come in Easy? Try This Alternative for Wellbeing and Peace of Mind

I’ve been singing the praises of bringing a grateful attitude into one’s life for years. If there is an award for being grateful, I’m in the running. Radical gratitude got my podcast guest, Margaret Zhao, through being an “enemy of the state” during…

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3 months ago

Why Is It so Painful to Be a Mom After Your Kids Leave Home

Any excitement I had for my son preparing to go 2700 miles away to college has been replaced by an aching, heavy heart. And because it’s such a big transition for both of us, I suggested he take his dog with him – a 14-pound Jack Russell with a big personality…

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5 months ago

Confessions of a Thrifting Junkie and a New Year’s Challenge

I fancy myself a socially conscious citizen of the world. I don’t take a straw at restaurants, I recycle and compost, and I avoid overly packaged food and bottled water. Most of my clothes come from consignment or thrift stores…

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9 months ago

Rebounding: The Fun, Effective NASA Exercise That Can Help Women Over 60 Stay Healthy

I’m always curious about learning new health habits that are super effective but also fun. My firm belief is that if it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable. Life is full of unpleasant tasks, so why make exercise one of them? If ‘bootcamp’…

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10 months ago

We Need to Talk About the Most Important Human Skill

As a psychotherapist and podcaster, I thought I had pretty much mastered the art of conversation. Sure, I knew I had a couple of bad habits, like interrupting and repeating myself, and I’ve had clients get confused at my multi-part questions. Read More

12 months ago

How Spending Time in Nature Can Connect Us with Our Deepest Emotions After 60

There’s a tract of wooded land not far from my son’s old high school. I find it simply magical. Right on the edge of the suburbs, it offers deep forest, limestone cliffs, ferns, moss, lichen and forest creatures. Read More

1 year ago

Do You Think of Thrifting as a Spiritual Practice? I Sure Do – and Here’s Why!

I consider myself a world class thrifter. I’m very proud of that credential. If I’m traveling and I have a little time, I head right to the local thrift store (there’s an app for that)…

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1 year ago

Why Rebounding is the Perfect Exercise, Especially Now

As a psychotherapist of 30 years, I’ve accumulated a toolbox of mood boosters and self-care skills that are tried and true. And they are coming in handy right now!

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1 year ago

You Call It Hygge, I Call It Cruise Ship – Or How to Get Through the Long Winter

To say winters are long in Syracuse, New York, is like saying “the sun is hot.” Of course, we haven’t seen the sun in so long that you might need to use a different metaphor…

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1 year ago

How the Intermittent Pleasure Practice Can Help You to Find Calm in Your Life?

Have you heard all the buzz about this brand-new way to bring calm and happiness to your life? It’s called IPP – the Intermittent Pleasure Practice. Read More