As December closes, we are starting to see the countdown to the “Best of 2013” and “Big Trends for 2014.” I take most of these articles with a grain of salt and normally find that a lot of my own ideas go in a different direction than the “experts”. I do, however, look for observations and predictions from sites I trust and respect.

Today, I came across Business Insider’s take on “Trends That Will Define 2014” and found that they include some interesting and relevant points for women over 60. Here are some of the trends they say will define the upcoming year.

First, 2014 will be the year of the entrepreneur. Since a recent Forbes article says that a larger percentage of people over 50 are setting up their own businesses (partly by necessity) this is directly of interest to us.

2014 will bring even more tools to support our independence. This is underscored by a second prediction that online activity will become important for recruiters. So, the advice to get involved with sites like LinkedIn is more important than ever. Most women my age use Facebook, but, there are many professional networking and personal branding sites that are of value to explore.

A third trend that Business Insider sees is a shift in the investment opportunities that will emerge as boomers retire. They talk about the implications that this will have on younger generations. But, they also discuss the importance for people of our generation to get educated about their retirement options. In some ways, the world’s gaze is shifting away from boomers, so, we need to take care of ourselves.

Women over 60 will face many challenges in 2014, but, they will also face new opportunities. In many ways, the latest technologies are opening doors, not shutting them. The world is increasingly rewarding people who stay connected and leverage the services and tools that are available.

Over the next year and beyond, Sixty and Me will continue offer practical advice that helps women to be independent, happy and financially secure. The bottom line is that things are not slowing down. Complexity is not going away. One trend that we can all embrace is opportunity – we have the power to make choices that will facilitate our growth and success in 2014!

What do you think? What’s the big trend you see coming in 2014 for you? Please join the discussion.

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