There are millions of women over 60 all around the world and we have 60,000 of them in our Sixty and Me Facebook Community. In fact, from the 195 countries in the world, we have Sixty and Me sisters in 150 of them!

I don’t know about you, but, I love knowing that we have 60 year old women from the Australia to the Bahamas, Hungary to Malaysia, New Zealand the United States in our group. It is really quite amazing!

We speak different languages and follow different cultural traditions. The grandmothers in our community are called Baba, Ona, Grandma and Ga Ga!

We celebrate different holidays and traditions, cook unique traditional meals and wear different clothes. We hold dramatically different social and political views. But, despite our differences, we have many things that hold us together.

We have a shared sense of experience. We have gone through many of the same struggles. We all want to leave the world in better shape for our children and grandchildren. Let’s celebrate that! Let’s celebrate each other!

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Take a minute to share a little about yourself and tell everyone what you love. Where in this beautiful world do you live? What do you love most about your country? What is one thing that you think most people don’t know about your country but should? Do you have a message for your Sixty and Me sisters? 

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