Fall brings changing colors on the trees, changing temperatures and even changing makeup trends!

Keeping up with the latest makeup trends can sometimes feel overwhelming! As women, we want to keep our makeup looking fresh and relevant. And as women over 60, we want our makeup to work with our age, not against it.

With the help of professional makeup artist Ariane Poole, we’re going to explore some of the latest makeup trends that are showing up this autumn and how you can easily incorporate them into your makeup routine. Let’s watch!


Lipstick Trends in Fall 2016

According to Ariane, we’re seeing a variety of berry-toned lipstick colors this fall season. Shades like cherry, raspberry, blackberry or blackcurrant are among the most popular.

If you don’t generally wear such bold colors on your lips, this trend may seem a bit scary at first. But don’t rule out these fun fall colors just yet!

Ariane encourages us to experiment a bit with trending berry lip colors. Remember – looking at the color of a lipstick in the tube can be very different than seeing it on your own lips.

Some lipsticks may appear quite fierce in the tube but when applied, they actually go on sheer and offer just a hint of color.

Keep in mind that some of these lipstick tones may be a bit rich for women with thinner lips. If that sounds like you, you can try a shade that’s slightly brighter or more vibrant instead. Brighter shades that are a bit less dense will help to enhance your lips while still keeping with the trend.

If you happen to apply a color that just feels too bold, you can quickly blot your lips with a napkin. This will give you a softer and more lip stain-like effect.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to fall 2016 lipstick trends is to experiment! Try on some different lipstick shades before ruling anything out. You might just be surprised!

Eyeshadow Trends in Fall 2016

Sticking with the theme of bold colors, eyeshadow trends this fall are featuring hues of green and blue.

Shades of green such as emerald green, forest green, or ivy green are all quite popular right now. Any of these different green hues will look stunning on women with blue, brown or hazel eyes.

Navy is the other color that we’re seeing a lot of this fall. Ariane notes that when choosing a navy eyeshadow, make sure that you pick a truly dark navy, not a vibrant blue, to stick with the trend.

With such bold colors, Ariane reminds us that we don’t have to apply the full color eyeshadow over our entire eyelid. Green and navy shades can act as more of an accent color than a full eyeshadow.

With bold tones such as these, even just a hint of color can add depth and definition to the eye.

If green or navy shadows are a bit out of your comfort zone, you can try experimenting with an eyeliner pencil in a similar shade. Or try using the shadow with a thin brush and applying it as eyeliner for a similar effect.

Be Bold this Fall with These Makeup Tips for Older Women

In order to accentuate these bold lipstick and eyeshadow trends, Ariane suggests adding a hint of color to your cheeks.

Dusty rose is a very popular shade that sticks with the fall trend and won’t overpower your color palette. It’s also a fairly neutral hue that is appropriate for almost all skin tones.

Ariane explains that applying bold colors to one facial feature can help illuminate and enhance other features. Adding rich colors to your makeup application has the power to balance out and redress your entire face!

‘Tis the Season to Change-Up Your Makeup

Autumn and winter are seasons filled with change – changing weather, changing the clocks, even changing over to a new year! That makes this the perfect time of year to change up your makeup routine and try out some fun fall trends.

These dramatic fall makeup trends work beautifully with such an inherently festive season. Shades of berry and navy are perfectly complemented by twinkling holiday lights and glistening snowfall.

Embrace the season of change by trying on some of these bold fall makeup trends!

Dark colors seem to be on trend this season. Which shades are you willing to try on? Which shades would you never dare experiment with? Which of Ariane’s makeup tips for older women did you find most useful? Please join the conversation!

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