Does fashion, after 50, only consist of dull colors? Do women our age no longer don bold prints? Watch the show as we discuss with Jess Jannenga, a fashion blogger on Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, that bold prints and colors remain an excellent choice for women, even (or perhaps especially!) after 50.

A lot of women over 50 may be afraid that they will commit a fashion faux pas if they incorporate bold prints and colors in their outfits. However, if done right, bold prints and colors can help you to make a fashion statement.

Here are some simple guidelines on dressing boldly and fashionably:

Experiment with Colors and Accessories

In today’s interview, Jess shares with us that colors are a great means of self-expression and, each Fall season, the Pantone Color Institute releases a set of colors that will eventually be used by fashion brands in their clothing lines. One trending color, now is red… so, you might notice that both online stores and offline retailers are selling red jackets, pants, coats and more!

However, Margaret reminds us that there is variation within the color red. Some reds appear warmer, while others appear cooler. As a result, your skin tone may be more suited to a certain tone of red than others.

Jess recommends mixing colors that might look like an unlikely pairing but can look beautiful together. For example, Burgundy red looks great when paired with pale pink.

Do You Need to Spend More to Look Great?

Being fashionable does not mean that you have to spend money purchasing the latest trendy clothing. Over the years, you have already amassed a wardrobe that varies in prints and colors.

Some colors might have gone out of fashion, while some have come full circle and are trending now.

Incorporating colors in your outfit is not restricted to clothing. For example, you can add red to your look by wearing a red lipstick, or a piece of jewellery that has a pop of red in it. If you are dressed in neutral tones, adding red accessories or a red bag can make your outfit look bolder.

You can get creative in making a bold fashion statement too. Margaret and Jess discussed the possibilities of adding gold buttons to an otherwise plain-looking mustard blouse or using boutique earrings as cufflinks for a white shirt.

These kinds of details can make your outfit look more interesting and attractive.

Have Fun with Animal Prints


Photo: Jess Jannenga, Elegantly Dressed and Stylish

Fashion designers and retailers regularly use animal prints in their designs. If you love a particular print but do not own a clothing in that design, Jess recommends finding clothing in thrift stores and online thrift sites such as Poshmark. You will be surprised at the amazing deals you can find.

A word of advice from Jess: be willing to spend time browsing to find what you like!

Remember, you do not have to burn a hole in your purse to buy the latest trendy item. Get creative with your existing wardrobe or make a trip to your local thrift store.

Women after 50 can certainly inject bold prints and fun colors into their outfits – it serves as a little pick-me-up while helping you to make a fashion statement!

Do you have a favorite print or color? Do you think there are any restrictions when it comes to fashion after 50 and the types of colors or prints that we wear? Please join the conversation!

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