Over the years, we have done all kinds of things to our eyebrows. We’ve shaved, plucked, waxed and threaded them. We survived the various “brow trends,” from super-thin to wild to full.

Now, in our 60s, we have a more balanced approach to makeup, but, we still want to look out best. This leaves many of us asking, “What’s next for our brows?” and “How can we create the look that we want, using the latest makeup techniques designed just for older women?”

What is the Secret to Choosing the Best Eyebrow Makeup After 60?

To answer both of these questions, I turned to my good friend, Ariane Poole. Ariane is a professional makeup artist and, in today’s interview, we discuss how to choose the best eyebrow products that will make you look and feel amazing. I hope that you enjoy the show!

Have Your Brows Gone All “Squirrelly?”

As we age, our eyebrows tend to lose their shape. They may even fall out or lose their color. As Ariane puts it, they also have a tendency to go a little “squirrelly” and fly around as if of their own free will. You’ll see exactly what she means when you watch the video.

The good news is there are several great brow products that can help you to put the squirrel back in his box. In our interview, Ariane introduces several amazing brow products, including Benefit Brow Zings, Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel & Brush and Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color. She also talks about her own unique Brow Mouse, which is coming in October. In the meantime, you can check out Ariane’s other products on her website.

Dealing with Specific Brow Challenges After 60

During our interview, we also talk about several specific brow-related issues. For example, we discuss the fact that women with platinum blonde or grey hair should consider using very light colors on their brows. Ariane gives a few specific examples for ladies with these hair colors, including a new felt tip pen option in ash.

For women who have lost their eyebrows due to an illness, or simply age-related hair thinking, Ariane mentions a product from Benefit that may be able to help. The product is a fiber gel, which can be applied with a brush to add texture and depth to your brows.

There’s a Better Way to Shape Your Brows

Finally, Ariane demonstrates a brow shaping technique that is difficult to describe in words. If you are interested, I definitely encourage you to watch the video. All I can say is that it involves brushing down, adding color and then brushing up. It’s much easier than it sounds and can really help you to get the look that you want!

I hope that the tips in this video help you to look and feel your best.

Remember, makeup should never be about anti-aging. It should be about choosing products and techniques that enhance your natural beauty and, most importantly, make you feel great!

If you are ready to learn even more makeup techniques for older women, please take a look at the comprehensive video series that Ariane and I recorded earlier.

What do you think of Ariane’s advice for getting the most from your brows at any age? Do you have any questions for Ariane about makeup for older women? Please join the conversation.

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