Many women in the Sixty and Me community have dealt with cancer, particularly breast cancer. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s time to pull all of our resources together and speak with one voice.

I have a personal connection to this Breast Cancer Awareness Month because of my mom’s own experience with breast cancer. As a result, I have the deepest respect for all of the amazing women in pink who stand up in support of breast cancer research. We can and should do more!

I would also like to reach out and thank all of the doctors and researchers who help women to discover and deal with this terrible disease. This month, personal advocacy and support is powerful. Social media and blogs have given women and health care providers louder voices to reach a global audience. Let’s work together to spread the word!

To the women in our community who are dealing with cancer and fighting back with grace and determination I want to remind you that you are in all of our thoughts. The 50,000 women in the Sixty and Me community are hoping and praying for your quick recovery.

This month, let’s focus on educating other women about breast cancer and how the prevention, screening, treatment, and research initiatives that need our support.

Do you have a story to tell about your own experience with breast cancer? Have you dealt with it in your own life or been through it with someone that you love? Please leave your comments below. Your inspiration and perspective will be so valuable to the other women in our community!

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