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Thank you Perley-Anne, Barry, Trish, Wendy, Joan, Anna, Pauline and Jet for sharing your wisdom with the community!

I hope that you take the time to visit the websites of each of these amazing people. They all have something important to say about getting the most from life after 60.

Here are this summer’s contributors and their articles.

Perley-Ann Friedman

5 Unexpected Benefits of Yoga for Women Over 60, Based on My Own Experience

How to Start Running After 60 in 6 Easy Steps

4 Reasons Cardio is Essential for Fitness After 60

Perley-Ann Friedman is a Canadian, currently living on Koh Lanta, a small island in Thailand. She sees the alternative lifestyle of island living as a great way to ease into retirement. At 61, she is healthy, active and totally loves cats. She has consciously chosen to be positive and continuously grow as she travels through life. You can see more of her writing at

Joan Moran

My Latest Retirement Tour – This Retirement Advice Could Change Your Life

Love Yourself First – Getting the Most from Life After 60

If Not Now, When? What Marion Ross Taught Me About Getting the Most Out of Life

Sleep Deprived but Staying Alive – The Importance of Sleep in Life After 60

Joan Moran is a Creative Thought Leader and a beloved keynote speaker, commanding the stage with her delightful humor, raw energy and wealth of life experiences. She is an expert on wellness and is passionate. You can find out more about Joan on her website.

Anna Johnson

How to Use Self-Massage to Improve Your Happiness After 60 – 3 Ways to Get Started

Anna Johnson holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage and Certificate in Advanced Sports Massage. She has applied treatment for a number of ailments in her time as a Massage Therapist. She is interested in natural therapies and remedies and is a great advocate for the ‘prevention is better than cure’ theory. You can follow her here.

Barry Kluger

All Fired Up! Why Generational Differences in the Workplace Aren’t What They Seem

Barry Kluger, a 30-year plus veteran communications executive serving established companies as well as start-ups with strategic planning, corporate positioning, internal and external communications, media relations, government relations, acquisition strategy and executive training. You can find out more about Barry on his website.

Dr. Trish Nicholson

5 Compelling Reasons You Should Write a Book After 60

Dr. Trish Nicholson, writer and social anthropologist, has 30-years’ experience as an author of narrative non-fiction. Her published works include travelogues, writing skills, popular science, and management. She lives in New Zealand and writes in her tree-house. You can read her blog posts here and follow her on Twitter.

Wendy Walleigh

Boomer Role Models for the Millennial Grandchildren: Now That We’ve Done Well, It’s Time to Do Good

Wendy Walleigh is co-author of From Silicon Valley to Swaziland: How One Couple Found Purpose and Adventure in an Encore Career. You can get her book here.

Pauline Buttress

What All Older Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Starting a Business

What Starting Eternal Collection Taught Me About Business… and Life
Pauline Buttress is co-founder of Eternal Collection, the home of stunning costume jewellery and beautiful accessories. Pauline has previously worked for Liz Earle and House of Bruar before setting up her own business.

Jet Metier

7 Reasons Women Are Getting the Heck Out of Dodge and Seeking Their Dreams Overseas

Jet Metier provides creative direction for Best Places in the World to Retire, where her interviews of expats and stories abroad can be seen. She is the editor of Panama The 62 Things You Need to Know and created all the infographics for the study Expats: Expectations & Reality.

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