As the founder of Sixty and Me, I am often asked to review or endorse anti-aging products of all kinds. So far, I haven’t found a single anti-aging product that I really believe in. Part of the reason is practical. I just don’t think that these products work “as advertised.”

The other part of the reason is philosophical. I don’t think that we should be fighting aging. Instead, I believe that we should do our best to look amazing at any age.

So, instead of trying to hide our wrinkles, we should enhance our beauty with simple techniques and natural makeup products. This is where Ariane comes in!

A Skin Care Question from the Community

A few weeks ago, I received a wonderful email from one of our community members, Carol. She asked, and I’m paraphrasing a bit here, “Are there any skin care products that really have a permanent and positive impact?” I love this question! It shows that Carol is thinking about her long-term health and beauty rather than just trying to cover things up. That said, she may be surprised by Ariane’s response!

In our latest interview, Ariane talks about the importance of nourishing, hydrating and cleansing your skin. After all, when your skin is healthy, is gives you a good “foundation” to build on with your makeup.

That said, while taking care of your skin is important, nothing that we know of, in terms of skin care, will have a permanent impact on your skin. There are plenty of things that will make it worse – like smoking or spending too much time in the sun. But, there is no magic cream that will “improve” the quality of your skin.

This may not be what women over 60 want to hear, but, the truth is that the skin is a living organ. It is constantly being replaced. The only things that can have a positive impact on your appearance in the long term are exercise, nutrition, staying out of the sun, quitting smoking, reducing your alcohol consumption and managing your stress.

Are There Other Products that Can Impact Your Skin?

In the interview, we discuss some products that may have a positive impact in the short-to-medium term, including Retinol, Vitamin C and those with Hyaluronic acid. Ariane also mentions Origin’s microdermabrasion pads and the Bliss Oxygen Mask. It’s possible that some of these products can make a difference, bit, truthfully, they may also just make you “feel good.”

Ariane’s Surprising Makeup Tips for Older Women

One product that Ariane says may be worth investing in is a dermaroller massager from Environ. This device has tiny pins that are said to stimulate collagen production. This is important because, as we age, our collagen production decreases, causing our skin to weaken.

Finally, we discuss whether it’s worth buying a special moisturizer cream for your neck. From Ariane’s perspective, using a nourishing cream, with sun protection, on your neck, is a good idea. This is because your neck doesn’t have as many sebaceous glands to produce oil. This means that it tends to show the signs of age more quickly.

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