Expedition cruising is one of the most adventurous ways to spend time on the open sea. But, there are plenty of things to look out for! Join us as travel journalist Jane Archer explains what expedition cruising is and why she thinks you’ll love it. Enjoy the show!


Enjoying the Many Benefits of Cruising

Women over 60 love to get away for an adventure and cruising is one of our favorite ways to do it!

Cruises are wonderful for so many reasons. For starters, you don’t have to unpack and repack every day. Everything about cruising is convenient and you don’t have to worry about making or keeping plans.

There’s also a feeling of security that comes with cruising, knowing that whether you stay onboard or you venture out, you are being looked after and cared for by people who want to see you enjoy yourself.

Making friends is also a huge perk of cruising. The smaller the ship, the easier it is to turn fellow travelers into lifelong friends! Sharing amazing experiences, enjoying gorgeous views together, and creating unforgettable memories is an incredible way to forge forever friendships.

Breaking the Stereotypes

Cruising doesn’t come without its fair share of stereotypes. Younger people often think of cruising as the holiday preference of old people. And older people often think of cruising as a wild escape for singles or a child-oriented vacation for families. But the truth is that cruises come in all shapes and sizes and with a little bit of research it can be quite easy to find a cruise to meet everyone’s needs.

Cruising for Older Adults

Companies like Cruise Maritime Voyages and Saga understand that many adults simply want to get away and enjoy their vacation in the company of other adults. These adult-only ships cater to the wants and wishes of women like us who may enjoy family time at home but don’t necessarily want to it to follow them to the rolling seas.

Sometimes we all need a break away from little ones so that we can enjoy some pampering, some peace and quiet, or some grand adventure. Adult-only cruises focus less on family entertainment and more on an enriching cultural experience or an amazing adventure.

Discovering Expedition Cruises

Expedition cruises take cruising to the next level. Rather than simply watching the world go by, these cruises allow travelers to experience adventure and exploration on land and in the water.

Cruises around Antarctica and the Artic are fairly common but Jane highly suggests a cruise that circumnavigates Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Svalbard Archipelago which is part of Norway. An excursion like this would venture off through icy conditions around the island, making stops only as the weather and ice allows.

While an itinerary is planned, cruisers enjoy the excitement of the ship captain making spontaneous decisions and taking advantage of opportunities to spot polar bears and other amazing sights.

If icy water and polar bears aren’t your thing then Jane also suggests the Kimberly in Northern Australia, sailing between Broome and Darwin. With salt water crocodiles looming in the water, zodiac boats take expeditioners across flat rapids through narrow gorges under the summer sun.

Daring to be Adventurous

It’s not unreasonable to be a bit concerned about the physical dangers or your personal limitations when deciding if an expedition cruise is right for you. The good news is that these cruises come fully staffed with a crew of personnel eager to help you make this trip one you’ll never forget. From helping you step from the ship into a smaller boat to leading you through the rapids, there is always someone to guide you safely into your next adventure.

Jane says that anyone with a “degree of mobility and an adventurous spirit” can successfully enjoy these expedition cruises. Being mentally flexible and adaptable is also important as itineraries often change due to various circumstances.

Have you ever been on an expedition cruise? Do you prefer family cruises or adult-only cruises? Would you rather explore wild nature or culture? If you could go on any expedition cruise, where would you go and what would you explore? Join in the conversation!

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