Do you have a drawer full of scarves with no idea what to do with them? How many of them are there because they were gifts and you feel a little guilty about throwing them out?

If scarves are one of those clothing items you can’t live without or they’re something you haven’t figured out, you’ll enjoy today’s video with Melanie Payge!

In today’s Sixty and Me video, Margaret Manning is joined by Milan Fashion Expert Melanie Payge to look at the different ways you can accessorize with scarves to flatter and enhance your look.


When Bigger Is Not Always Better

Many of us have been guilty at one time or another of hiding our beautiful faces behind an oversized scarf. It’s one thing to do this because you’re bitterly cold and wearing it for practical intentions, but, any other reason is no reason at all!

Large scarves are unattractive as they completely overwhelm your face by swallowing up your neckline and also make your head look smaller. You’re practically lost under a scarf! If you love the color or pattern of the scarf, Melanie recommends repurposing oversized scarves as sarongs for the beach or pool.

When to Spring Clean Your Collection

Scarves are easy gifts to give, and there is a good reason for this – they can be quite impersonal. We have a tendency to hang on to presents from those we care about, as we feel we shouldn’t throw them out.

If you have not worn a scarf for a long time, it’s probably best to get rid of it, as you’re unlikely to use it. You probably don’t really like it or know it doesn’t suit you so rip off the bandage and move on! Giving good quality items to charity means it will at least get some use from someone who really needs it, and is more environmentally friendly than it ending up in landfill.

When Fashion For Older Women Means Less Is More

Many of us assume we need to do something to make our accessories stand out. For fashion for older women, accessories should complement your outfit rather than detract from it.

In today’s Fashion after 50 video, Melanie demonstrates how the same scarf looks completely different on Margaret when it is left untied (you really should watch this!)

Small changes such as draping a scarf to cover a low-cut top, rather than tying it around the neck, can make all the difference.

It’s important to be careful to not create too many contrasts by mixing two patterns together between your clothing and scarf, as it looks too busy. Melanie recommends using a patterned scarf with plain jackets or dresses, and a single color scarf when wearing patterned clothing.

Ditch The Pitch!

Salespeople love selling scarves because they are an easy upsell in clothing stores. Don’t buy into the sales pitch – scarves can easily accumulate over time and clutter your closet before you realize!

When shopping, don’t get caught out being recommended items you don’t need. Always buy with purpose – buy a scarf with a particular outfit in mind. This is because we often get talked into pieces being handy for one purpose or another, but when we go to use them find they do not look good with anything!

Trends vs. Fashion After 60

Fads and trends are not the same things as fashion, which should always be about using clothing and accessories to enhance our best features. Tying scarves at the neck was a fad and are not fashionable as it can draw attention away from our beautiful facial features.

Melanie likens wearing overly large scarves to wearing evening makeup in the daytime – it doesn’t look right as it is overdone for what you are wearing. We wear subtle makeup during the day because it flatters and enhances our beauty. In the same vein, we should not accessorize with anything that makes us look like we are hiding something!

Do you own a lot of scarves you don’t wear? What tips do you have for wearing oversized scarves? Do you think tied or draped scarves look best for your fashion after 50 style? Let’s have a discussion!

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