One of the hardest things about getting in shape after 50 is simply finding the energy and motivation to get started. It’s not that boomers are inherently lazy. We just have a lot on our plates. So, anything that can give us a little extra boost is welcome news. Well, according to new research from the University of California, San Diego, eating dark chocolate may actually help to get you to the gym.

The Benefits of Dark Chocolate May Include Getting You Moving

During the study, researchers found that sedentary older adults that received dark chocolate saw improvements in their “good” cholesterol. In addition, the dark chocolate eating participants had a “higher capacity for exercise and more efficient energy production in their muscle cells.” In other words, they found it easier to get moving.

The researchers even went so far as to say that dark chocolate should be considered as an inexpensive supplement for patients with mobility challenges. Now that’s a medicine that I’d be fine with taking!

What Makes Dark Chocolate Dark?

It’s important to note that not all chocolate is created equal. When scientists talk about dark chocolate, they are typically referring to chocolate with more than 70% cacao.

Sorry all you milk-chocolate lovers out there! When it comes to healthy aging, dark chocolate really is the way to go.

This particular study didn’t mention what percentage cacao chocolate they used, but, it’s safe to say that it was on the higher end of the spectrum. So, before you reach for that Mars bar, remember that the darker the chocolate you choose, the better it will be for your body.

Do you eat dark chocolate? What is your favorite type of dark chocolate? What do you think of the potential benefits that were mentioned in this study? What other healthy aging tips would you like to offer to the women in our community? Please join the conversation.

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