Many women in our community (myself included!) love to travel. Each of us has a bucket list of places that we would love to go once our family and work obligations start to fade.

As with all passions, it pays to have a little help from an expert who can show you the ropes. In my conversation with travel expert Nancy Parode, who contributes regularly to Sixty and Me, I learned five tips to get the most from any travel adventure.

Here Are 5 Senior Travel Tips to Help You Get More from Your Next Trip

I hope you enjoy watching the interview!

Here are the tips that Nancy offered during our interview…

Look at Solo Travel Through a Different Lens

Nancy is an advocate of solo travel, but, she also understands that the single supplement is a big financial challenge.

In the interview, she explains that, while some travel agencies specialize in solo travel, many women may be better off joining a group tour that matches participants. Here you have the opportunity to share a room with someone who has similar interests.

I had the most wonderful roommate on a recent trip to India because we were both interested in textiles. This made my solo experience very positive. Nancy and I also talk about insurance, safety and vaccinations for solo travelers.

On a Budget? Give Public Transport a Try

There are many ways to travel on a budget. Buses and trains can be amazing ways to discover new places for the price of a day pass. I often jump on a bus to the next town to enjoy a coffee or meet new people. Sometimes just getting on the bus and going to the end of the line and back is enough. Nancy and I discuss the importance of curiosity, spontaneity, and openness as a senior traveler.

Follow your Heart and Embrace New Experiences

One secret to good travel adventures is to be comfortable with doing new things. Nancy encourages us to think about adventure holidays that put us outside our traditional comfort zone.

She goes on to say that adventure tour companies are great to work with because they know the remote areas and have great connections. At the same time, she reminds us that, as a senior, you can arrange your own travel. If you do, she has some simple advice – be bold, be creative and be careful. We

Work with a Travel Agent

This advice might surprise you, since many of us have become very used to being independent and booking our travel online. Nancy reminds us that a travel agent can help with a number of things including locating solo travel deals, finding lower prices and looking for adventures.

The movement to book everything online has become pervasive, but, Nancy reminds us that travel agents are great for organized tours, cruises and special offers.

Preparing for a Trip is Half the Fun

Nancy believes that planning a trip is as much fun taking part in a trip. If you have a specific place or travel adventure in mind, Nancy suggests you start getting physically active far in advance.

You can plan for your trip by joining a travel forum, starting conversations with experts, reading, researching and planning for your dreams.

Nancy suggests that we develop a genuine curiosity for the world. Even if we don’t have a lot of money, we can watch travel films, visit Pinterest for visual inspiration, read a travel stories or explore places on Google maps.

Do you have a passion for travel? What trip had the biggest impact on your life? Why? What advice or tips would you offer to the other members of our community who may be planning their next big travel adventure? Please join the conversation.

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